The World Of Adolescence: How To Childhood To Adulthood

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Growing up can be a difficult time for children and adults. Children move from being children to teenagers in the blink of an eye. In many cases, parents and families are not prepared for the challenges and changes that their child will experience in this new period of life. The world of adolescence is a confusing and unique place where the adolescent may feel like part child and part adult. It is important for parents and adults to understand the struggles and ways to encourage adolescents to move from childhood to adulthood. With the changing culture in today’s world our youth are facing challenges unrivaled in previous eras. Through using the research and studies available today can a more complete picture of what adolescence is as a period of life, the struggles that come with being an adolescent, and how to parent adolescents. Defining Adolescence Adolescence is the period of life between childhood and adulthood. “The process lasts from roughly 10-13 years of age and ends at 18-22 years of age. However, defining when adolescence ends is not an easy task. It has been said that adolescences begins in biology and ends in culture” (Clark, 2010,…show more content…
“They look for ways to be relevant in today’s culture, to be authentic and real, and to be connected to others in meaningful relationships” (Kostenberger & Jones, 2010, p. 149). Without clear cultural norms, the connections that adolescents are making are not real and authentic. Relationships that are not authentic can have a devastating effect on adolescents who are trying to find something to believe in. Adolescents have come the conclusion that they have been abandoned to figure out the world on their own. They tend to turn to peers for advice on how to make it to adulthood. Adults will rarely be involves due to appearing to the adolescent as out of touch and could not possible understand the issues that they are struggling
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