The Differences Between My Childhood Vs. My Adulthood

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My Childhood Vs My Adulthood In 2001, there were 6,600 children surveyed to see if the expectations parents held for their kids had an effect on their future lives (Gillett) (BE10). Neal Halfon, a professor from the University of California, discovered that 97% of children were expected to go to college (Gillett) (BE11). This study shows the expectations that parents have for their children affects minors later on in life. In my childhood, I thought everything was fun and games and I was immature. As I grew older into adulthood, not only did I mature but I realized just how serious life is. Even though I didn’t have to make hardly any major decisions or take anything seriously in my childhood, I realize now that I have to be mature and make decisions on my own. When I was a child, I did not take sports seriously. I did them for the enjoyment of it and I didn’t care about what the final score of a game was or how I performed. The games (rather boring and long) were what I dreaded the most (SC11). Whichever team came out on top I had no preference (SC12). I just wanted to be around my friends for the social aspect. However, as a young adult, I hold myself to extremely high expectations and standards. I…show more content…
I didn’t have to make major decisions, try hard in school, or take anything seriously in my childhood; I have to do the exact opposite of that in my adulthood. Why should I take anything serious as a child (BE7)? Children are supposed to be involved in numerous amounts of activities that make their life full of happiness. As a youngster, I just wanted to be involved in everything, but as I grew older, I started to look at life a little differently. Today, I realize that every decision I make has a consequence and I have to take life seriously. Although there are many differences between my childhood and adulthood, I have been influenced by my parents, teachers, and peers to make the most out of my
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