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Adolf Hitler was born in Austria-Hungary on April 20, 1889, to mother, Klara Hitler, and father, Alois Hitler; a German by blood.
As the young boy grew, he began to have a love for art and wanted to become an artist, but his father, however, did not have a care of his son’s dreams, but instead wanted him to grow up, following in his footsteps; in which Adolf rebelled against.
And like many Austrian Germans in his time, his German nationalism began to grow as well. He and his friends would even great each other with the German greeting: “Heil”. However, at the time he lived in Vienna, everywhere you’d look was prejudice and racist people. Most of them were against the Jews even though they played a Christian act. It may be very hypocritical and deceiving, but everyone was practically acting the same way, so no one could correct each other and lead them down the right path.
Hitler wasn’t always a dictator of Germany, in fact; he never wanted to be in the army in the first place. But in spite of what he wanted he started off as a young soldier, and often rebelled because of the mixed ...

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