Adolf Hitler Leadership

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Matthew Hanna
Adolf Hitler

If there is such a thing as effective leadership, it involves enthusiasm, inspiration and devotion. Throughout his reign of dominance, Adolf Hitler had possessed all of these traits; qualities in which a leader is born from. Adolf Hitler was an Australian-born German politician that was highly known as the leader of the Nazi Party. As a fascist and socialist, he took part in the Holocaust and World War II promoting the ideology of a central leadership. Hitler’s ultimate goal was a Nazi-Germany. Regardless of the blatant amount of wrong doings and destruction that he created, Hitler was one of the supreme leaders of our time. In addition, he was able to gain followers due to his influential statements, control his nation through persuasive methods, and achieved domination; he was a determined man. Hitler had vision and was firm when it came to achieving complete control over his people. Due to his charismatic speeches, manipulative strategies, and committed attitude, Adolf Hitler became an example of a great leader. In spite of the fact that he was labeled as one of the most controversial leaders, he was definitely a successful one.
It is mandatory for a leader to be able to work an audience through charisma and enthusiasm. Hitler said, “Let us pray in this hour that nothing can divide us, and that God will help us against the Devil! Almighty Lord, bless our fight!” during his speech delivered at Berlin. He used the interpretation of the practice of Christianity to influence his audience. Religion is one of the most influential impacts on human beings. Additionally, there is a sense of spirituality and hope from the speech that causes the audience to believe that Hitler would be the one t...

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... such controversy and destruction in the world contained enough qualities to be labeled as a superior leader. He had a vision; he searched to complete and sell it to the people of Germany, and maintained characteristics of a true and definite leader.
Unquestionably, Hitler transformed not only his nation into what he envisioned, but he also transformed other countries and the world of today. Because of Adolph Hitler, the United States rarely stands aside while people of another nation kill each other. The United States will react through military actions or use the United Nations to pressure countries with sanctions. Adolf Hitler led his country and defeated several countries along the way making a path for peace, bringing nations together, and creating change. Because of his underestimated leadership capacity many countries refuse to allow that to happen again.
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