Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party

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During 1933-1945, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party ruled most of continental Europe. Hitler was commander in war efforts and had interesting goals he wanted to accomplish as ruler. Hitler believed that Jews were to be destroyed, he wanted to get rid of the entire race because according to him, they had no purpose of living. The Holocaust is now famously known for the mass murders of the Jews. About six millions Jews were murder in Europe under Hitler’s orders. The Jews were put into concentration camps better described as “death camps” and this was done to separate this race from everyone else. Under the Nazi Party, Jewish people before being murdered suffered from isolation, starvation and mistreatment. Adolf Hitler was a Nazi dictator of Germany, famously known for the person responsible for the Holocaust. The Holocaust which was a policy of genocide, resulting in the mass murders of many people especially Jewish people. According to the textbook “The West and the World” talks about how Hitler established his New Order which was a policy to fulfill his racist agenda. In his New Order, he talks about being able to conquer people based on his racial hierarchy. So the racial hierarchy is interesting, at the top of the ranking was the Aryan race which included the Dutch, Scandinavians and Anglo-Saxons. Under them were French and Latin descendants, he considered them tolerable. At the bottom were the Slavs, he suggested for them to be killed or isolation. The lowest of low were the Jews, Hitler didn’t even considered them people and Hitler equated the Jews with everything he feared, hated, and sought to destroy. (Kirsch pg.287) “In the Third Reich Slavic peoples and others had some justification for existence, but the Jews had none...

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... the textbook were explained well enough but as I read the textbook there’s many questions I couldn’t find the answers too. The primary sources allowed me to actually read documentation from survivors in the Holocaust, while the textbook briefly explained what were the major ideas of it and the major events. The textbooks mentions the significances of events, while the primary sources allows the reader to go into more dept. about an event. Doing this essay, I highlighted events that are mentioned in the textbook and I was able to have an idea of what the topic was about. The primary sources allowed me to know the whole story of event and gives more important information that can help fill in the gaps that the textbook leaves out.
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