The Holocaust: Genocide And The Holocaust

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Genocide and the Holocaust

Holocaust I've thought, and thought about resistance in the Holocaust and I've come to this comprehension: No phrase or verse or detailed explanation can illustrate the level of terror and oppression that took place. The Holocaust was probably the most arguably infamous series of despiteful human rights and cold blooded murder in modern history. The rise of the powerful Adolf Hitler has set his war against Jewish people, Jewish culture and Jewish memory. If the twisted philosophy of the Nazi regime was to eradicate Jewish memory, then it is our duty to remember the Jewish lives that perished and to keep Jewish memory alive. There was approximately six million Jews were sent to death camps and killed during World War II (1939-1945). So what do you think that led up to this? Why Adolf Hitler hatred towards Jews is so strong that made him did the inhuman cruel murder? Well the resolution lies in the ethnic undercurrents that ran beneath the peripheral of Germany and the world.
The Holocaust was the execution of the Jews and other people whom Hitler considered mediocre. About 12 million people were killed and about half of them were Jews. When Hitler became powerful and took control over Germany, everything changed. He was against Jews and wanted to wipe them out at once and his prejudice against Jews was very strong. Hitler enforced his soldier, The Nazis, to killing not only Jews but many other as well. The most crucial thing that they did was the medical experiments; doctors don’t care if they treated them right or not and most of the surgeries were performed without any anesthetic. Many of them are killed painfully because of the medical treatment were not right. There were three camps that they used ...

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...nytime. We must know that events outside of our own country affect us, and we must participate in the world, which means looking outside of our own immediate surroundings and being connected. This is an opportunity to support anti-genocide and making sure that our generation has heard and learn from it.
Taking as much as a simple action can really help prevent the future genocide, also it can help save so many lives. You don’t have to do anything big or dangerous but to take small courage and spread out the words, to teach others about the Holocaust is the simplest thing you can do and it gives affection to the world. The Holocaust is an overpowering example of this terrifying genocide and persecution and in the memory of the Jews; the memory of its horror must encourage our younger generations to engage against such heinous crimes today and in the future.
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