Adaptive Cruise Control System In An Autonomous Car

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Abstract— this paper presents the theory of cruise control system in an autonomous car. Cruise control system helps car to control its velocity. Wheel speed sensors are used to get the current velocity of the car. Velocity data is used by proportional integration derivative (PID) control mechanism to calculate the required throttle position for the car. Adaptive cruise control mechanism adapts the velocity of the car according to vehicles in front. Adaptive cruise control system minimizes the need of human to control the velocity of the car. Keywords— Cruise control system; PID control; Hall-Effect based wheel speed sensor; Adaptive cruise control system I. INTRODUCTION (Heading 1) Driving is fun but it is also stressful. It is difficult to…show more content…
Adaptive cruise control systems Cruise control system is able to react to track slopes. It does not consider the traffic and other obstacle on the track. Adaptive cruise control system or intelligent cruise control considers the velocity changes according to the obstacles on the track. Radar, lidar or video cameras detects the obstacle in front of the car as shown in figure []. Cruise control computer reduces the velocity to avoid the collision. Consider an example of car travelling at 20 m/ s. The car approaches another car which is travelling at 15m/s. Detection of collusion decelerates car to avoid collision. The car travels at 15 m/s with the other car in front. Car accelerates to its desired speed of 20 m/s when it gets a safe path again. Thus, car controls speed autonomously on the track considering slopes and traffic if car knows the desired velocity on the track. IV. ROLE OF NAVIGATION SYSTEMS Cruise control system controls the speed of car with respect to the desired speed on the track. Navigation systems can help by providing high speed limits on the track and bends on the track. High speed limit is set as the desired speed of the track. Car can have maximum speed as the high speed limit. Car reduces speed according to the traffic and free path. Integration of adaptive cruise control systems with the navigation systems provides car a fully autonomous control on
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