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  • Restoring a Vehicle

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    restoring a vehicle there are many things to remember before you start. First, it won't be cheap by any means, nor will it be fast. It will take lots of work and you should be prepared for the long haul. Also there is many hidden surprises along the way, but at the end it is worth every hour and dollar invested in it. To restore a vehicle, one must understand how to remove, refinish, repair, and replace both interior and exterior parts (Classic Car Restoration for Dummies.) On some vehicles it maybe

  • Essay On Autonomous Vehicles

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    the development of autonomous vehicles. Drivers are the reason for most crashes, for instance due to drowsiness, driving under the influence or inattentive-ness. Intelligent vehicles assist drivers in ordinary driving situations through warnings (e.g. lane departure warning) or undertaking certain tasks (e.g. cruise control). Autonomous ve-hicles go one step further by reducing human influence to a minimum and thus increasing the security of driving. Autonomous vehicles are going to be able to transport

  • Vehicle Frost Box

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    Vehicle Frost Box The system I choose to research is a simple "open-looped system" called the "Vehicle Frost Box". This system is used to informing motor vehicle operators that likely conditions for icy roads are developing. Black ice cannot be seen and is a prime contributor to vehicle accidents during the winter months. If used, this simple system could actually save precious time, money and physical injury. For system development, the "Problem Statement" is; "Black ice cannot be seen

  • The Taxing of Larger Vehicles

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    towns, these vehicles are now more popular than ever. As stated by the BBC "Last year some 187,000 were sold – compared with 80,000 a decade before – accounting for almost 8%, or one in every fifteen, of all cars sold." This shows a growing trend in the popularity of these types of vehicles, many people use them for the school run due to the safety aspect of the cars, many just like to show off their wealth and have the "big car". The problem occurs when many people drive these vehicles around town

  • Electric Vehicles:

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    Electric Vehicles: Current Uses: Currently electric vehicles are slowing becoming popular with some already on show room floors. Furthermore, there are many enthusiasts and groups that have really been pushing their use. Tough these cars do not share the same performance qualities of some gas-powered cars; the current technology has been rapidly catching up. Hybrid vehicles have offered in some ways the best of both worlds. The cars are environmentally friendly yet offer the power and distance

  • The Department of Motor Vehicles

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    department plagued with incompetent employees; employees that can turn something as simple as renewing a driver’s license into an all day affair. I am of course, referring to the Department of Motor Vehicles or hell on earth as I often call it. Part of the issue with the DMV, or the Department of Motor Vehicles as it has been hitherto called, is the people - from the customers to the employees. Customers come in completely unprepared, holding up the line while they scramble to get things together once

  • Hybrid Vehicles Vs. Electric Vehicles

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    been trying to cut back and be more efficient is through a recent technological development in the car industry. New vehicles have been created with more efficient uses of earth’s resources such as ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV) like hybrids, and zero emission vehicles (ZEV) like hydrogen fuel cell electrics. Major breakthroughs and development of these new generation of vehicles has immensely grown in the past twenty years. When the internal combustion engine was invented, there were a lot fewer

  • Electric Vehicles:

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    Electric Vehicles: Policy Concerns: Electric vehicles need the help of policy and regulations if they are to be successful. Currently, both state and the federal governments have implemented some policies to help drive electric car technology. An example of this is the tax breaks some receive for owning an alternate fuel vehicle. However, the United States government is also very involved in the petroleum industry. As a result the price of oil remains artificially low and the prospect for clean

  • Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV)

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    Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV): Utility Terrain Vehicles or Utility type Vehicles or Side by Side or Recreational Off- highway Vehicle is a small 2-6 person four-wheel drive off-road vehicle, capable of carrying loads. Utility Terrain Vehicles are subclass of Off-Road vehicle and different from All-Terrain Vehicles. Utility terrain Vehicles are different from passenger cars and mini trucks in many aspects. These vehicles are not provided with all the features that a normal car have, but serves

  • Driverless Vehicle Case Study

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    Driverless vehicles are invented to travel between destinations without human intervention. They are autonomous vehicles that are able to navigate surroundings and independently travel to locations. Vehicle companies in many countries have been testing the use of driverless vehicles and determining how its benefits can improve the transportation industry (Rouse, 2011). Singapore is one of the countries that has been diligently researching and developing driverless vehicles in hopes to implement it