How Do We Have Cars In A Car Essay

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Cars, trucks, any vehicles are a giant jigsaw puzzle. You or your friends or anybody building a car is looking at a large amount of technology. Sometimes I think, if we didn’t have cars, how would we travel? If there were no computers, how would we learn? No one would be able to go to work in the morning. If we didn’t have technology we wouldn’t have cars, planes, trucks, or any other automobiles you could think of. I am glad that we have it so we can learn how to build them. Anyone can learn what’s in them, know how they function, and see just how much technology they use. Cars play a big part in our world and have changed a lot over the years. I would just like to share for everyone to read. When my uncle was 16, he and his friends saw more than 500 vehicles at an auction in Montana. It was so big that more than 2000 people were the looking at the cars. I was shocked that there about 200 to 300 different types of cars. I kind of liked it when I grew up than I could see some of the pictures when I was there. Now, I have seen more cars. I have seen cars that are insanely fast and have more technology than your average computer. Cars like Lamborghini, Jaguar, and the Camaro. Inside of a car there are a lot of parts. A number of independent and yet interrelated systems are required to make an automobile of even the simplest and least sophisticated type. An engine and transmission are required to make it go. Brakes have to be incorporated to a retarding force. Steering and suspension are needed to take this vehicles around corners and and over bumps, and lights must be equipped to satisfy the demands of the law as well as to aid night time driving. These systems are all united within one shell. known as the body, which to many pe... ... middle of paper ... ...hting bull, it was the most exotic road car of the day. The Miura overshadowed every production line Ferrari. At 170-plus mph. it was also the fastest road car ever made up to that time. and it was strikingly beautiful” ‘(Haines, 10). Another car with an interesting past is the Jaguar. During the last part of World War 2 , while the Jaguar employees spent more time putting out fires from Nazi bombing raids than making war material , William Lyons and his chief engineers began designing a new engine to make Jaguars run faster and more smoother than ever. The design was good enough to be used in Jaguars for the next 38 years” ‘(Craven, 10). Over the years, cars have advanced from a very basic and functional piece of technology to a high speed and intelligent set of interrelated components. Cars play a big part in our world and have changed a lot over the years.

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