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  • Advantages Of Brakes

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    TO BRAKES Brakes are mechanical devices that increase the frictional resistance that retards the turning motion that is supplied to the wheels of the vehicle. In a vacuum assisted hydraulic brake system, a constant vacuum is kept maintained in the brake booster using the engine. When the brake pedal is pushed down, a poppet valve opens and air pushes/rushes into the pressure chamber on the driver’s side of the booster. In a vacuum braking system, vacuum is used for the application of brakes. Braking

  • Antilock Brakes

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    Antilock Brakes Antilock brakes are impressive performers on the test track and in television advertising. What has surprised a lot of people is that anti-lock brakes are not reducing the frequency or cost of accidents. This is the case despite the obvious benefits of antilock brakes in test situations. The reason why anti-locks are not making the expected and much projected difference is because many drivers lack the knowledge and experience need to use ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) effectively

  • Brake Essay

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    Brakes may be one of the most essential inventions in the developments of automobiles. Clearly, nothing can surpass the breakthrough of the wheel, but the brake system was a catalyst to the further developments of cars. The brake system has also evolved greatly throughout the years. Once considered one of the simplest parts of a vehicle, brakes have become one of the most complicated components in a vehicle. The scientific explanation behind a brake system is very rudimentary. Friction permits the

  • The Quality And Efficiency Of Car Brakes

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    Brakes are the most important and integral part of your car. Without the efficient performance of the brakes, you will be at a higher risk of accidents and car damage. No vehicle can function without a brake, hence, it is important to maintain the quality and efficiency of the car brakes. Every time you service your car, the mechanics ensure a thorough check on the functionality of the brakes. In a manual transmission car, there are two methods of applying the brakes-one is first clutch and

  • History of the Development of Brakes

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    Development of Brakes The first brakes were drum brakes. They were metal upon metal, and made a terrible noise, although they did work. Since then, brakes have been made with asbestos, which is heat resistant, hard wearing, and relatively silent. Drum Brake (1890s~1980s) The working parts of a drum brake are contained in a hard metal drum that is attached to the hub of a wheel and revolves with it. Inside, but unattached to the drum, are a pair of stationary curved brake shoes that are

  • Definition Of Brake Valve

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    Driver's Brake Valve The means by which the driver controls the brake. The brake valve will have (at least) the following positions: "Release", "Running", "Lap" and "Brake On". There may also be a "Neutral" or "Shut Down" position, which locks the valve out of use. The "Release" position connects the exhauster to the brake pipe and switches the exhauster to full speed. This raises the vacuum in the brake pipe as quickly as possible to get a release. In the "Running" position, the exhauster keeps

  • Air Brake

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    Introduction: The Air Brake was invented in 1869 by a 23 year old man named George Westinghouse. It is still used today in public transport to safely transport people. This essay will state the need and demand for the air brake, the originality, the use of the air brake and the changes it made to business and society. This smart invention was the most beneficial invention of the Industrial Revolution because it was a safer way of stopping transport. Body 1: The Industrial Revolution saw the arrival

  • Front Disk Brakes

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    Front Disk Brakes For most people, driving a vehicle is a normal and every day process. On any given day, driving in city or town traffic one can experience a number of noises, by either their own, or somebody else’s vehicle. The most common sound made by the brakes of a vehicle is a light squeak, very high pitched and annoying. It may be time for new brakes, but wait; there could be a simpler fix. This paper is designed to educate the layman about brakes and give him or her some insight on

  • Car And Bicycle Brakes

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    Caliper Brakes Effectiveness: good mechanical advantage as it allows the operator to brake with little effort on the hydraulic lever, which needs to be squeezed. Material: Calipers are fixed mount, opposed piston calipers cast from aluminium alloy. Calipers are the hydraulic clamp portion of the disc braking system. Manufactured from either ferrous or non-ferrous materials and bolted firmly to the suspension upright(or knuckle) the caliper holds the pads in place and, through the action hydraulic

  • All About the Brake-Assist System

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