Abortion is a Sin

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Abortion is one of the most controversial social issues in today’s society. Over forty two million abortions are performed each year on legal and illegal grounds and one-hundred and fifteen thousand daily around the world. Abortion throughout human history has been practiced in every culture on earth. In primitive societies abortion was carried out by using sharp sticks or putting sheer pressure on women’s torsos. The result of which was vaginal bleeding. The greatest cultures which this world had fostered long before us also had their own methods of abortions. In fact, techniques for terminating pregnancies are printed in mankind’s longest surviving medical texts.

The practice of abortion is frowned upon in today’s society since it violates the sanctity of a human infant. Abortion takes the opportunity of that person to live by extracting the undeveloped embryo or even in some horrific cases the fetus when the premature heart is already beating and the child is producing its own brain waves. This act is ultimately murder if it is done after the moment of conception and beyond. As God’s children we are called to stand up and protect those who are helpless because they cannot defend themselves. The action of aborting an unwanted child is murder and it breaks the sixth of the Lord’s Ten Commandments.

In modern times the Roman Catholic Church has taken it upon itself to eradicate the practice of abortion but not in all religious communities has abortion even been so debated. In fact in ancient Greece and Rome abortion was embraced as a method of maintaining a stable population. In today’s society we know better and strive for equality for all the people in the world.

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