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  • The Catholic Church

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    the Middle Ages. Therefore, Catholic Church represented an extremely powerful institution and dominated nearly all aspects of life of the medieval Europeans. The church's "sacramental rituals" marked the significant events in a person's life including baptism, marriage and funeral. The beliefs espoused by the church on religion, ethics and philosophy were enforced on the people. People who disagreed with the church faced torture and execution. Although the Catholic Church ruled Europe with an iron

  • The Catholic Church

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    Patrick Strycharz 3/17/14 Rough Draft The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the Catholic Church The modern Catholic Church has been through significant highs and lows in the past sixty years. Evangelization has been tougher then ever because scandal after scandal has plagued the Church and in consequence the priesthood is unattractive and the drop in membership is too significant.The Church is not a political party and the Pope is not the President so the expectations of corrupt politicians is not

  • Orthodox Catholics And The Catholic Church

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    Orthodox Catholics - Orthodox Catholics are the most devout members of the Catholic Church. They adhere to the Church’s teachings rigorously by regularly participating in Church practices and rituals such as attending mass and other catholic ceremonies. They are fully immersed in the institutional life of the Church. Their Catholic identity is publicly manifested in their social, political, and economic life. Their social structure is almost entirely based around the church’s teachings, as well as

  • The Catholic Church

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    The Catholic Church should not have censored materials concerning heliocentric heavens in the 16th century because the new discoveries Galileo found in his work helped to change and better the people’s understanding of the world. If a society only believes and follows one work, one author, one theory, then no one would be able to know if their beliefs and science are actually true. For something to be deemed true and not false, the concept should be tested and argued against to prove right or wrong

  • Catholic Church Reformation

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    Protestants and Roman Catholic Churches. For example Anglicans, Lutheran, Calvinist, and there are many more, but during the sixteenth century those churches were the major reforms of the Protestant and Roman Catholic Reformations. You may ask yourself why? Well the purpose of this essay is to find out what caused the reformation, How did the reformers attempt to change the church and what where the effects on the reformation. Before the Reformation took place, the Roman Catholic Church was very powerful

  • The Catholic Church

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    and the Catholic Church in Chicago. More specifically, I wish to examine was role (if any) the Catholic Church played in the life of the Italian immigrant in Chicago. Did the Church play any role in the assimilation of Italian immigrants? On the other hand, did the Church have any influence on the preservation (or adaptation or abandonment) of Old World culture and tradition? I began my research with the presumption that the majority of Italian immigrants were more or less devout Catholics, and that

  • Homosexuality In The Catholic Church

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    history. Within the Catholic Church, it is hard to say how this issue should be dealt with. Many believe that reforms within the Church will become necessary, however the current pope, Pope Francis, does not believe this to be so. This has stirred up a debate among members of the Church. Traditionally, homosexuality in itself is viewed within the Catholic Church as morally evil and it has never been accepted. Pastoral counseling has been offered to allow members of the Church who identify themselves

  • Homosexualiy and the Catholic Church

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    Homosexualiy and the Catholic Church For us in Scotland homosexuality is one of the most prominent issues in Church and society today. Gay-rights advocates and activists are pushing a strong political agenda from the left—job benefits for domestic partners, civil recognition for gay marriages, the right to bear one's own children via reproductive technologies, equal access to adoption, anti-discrimination statutes. At the same time, the government has changed legislation regarding the teaching

  • A Mass in a Catholic Church

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    A Mass in a Catholic Church A mass in a catholic church is divided into two topics. These are the liturgy of the word and the liturgy of the Eucharist. The liturgy of the word is focused on the lectern where the main vocal parts of mass take place,-the first and second reading's , the gospel etc. And is a time where God is thanked and praised. The mass starts with the potential rite where everyone taking place in the mass say's the prayers "Lord have mercy", and "I confess". These two

  • Corruption of the Catholic Church

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    Why is the Catholic Church so corrupt in its teaching? They have found ways to control the knowledge that their followers contemplate on. The control of knowledge and power is the foundation for every successful religious organization. The Catholic Church have acquired this power through strategic control on the mind of its follower. The Catholic Church propagate their ideals as righteous in order to be accepted; for without this acceptance, they are faced with the task of initiating this power through