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  • Orthodox Catholics And The Catholic Church

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    Orthodox Catholics - Orthodox Catholics are the most devout members of the Catholic Church. They adhere to the Church’s teachings rigorously by regularly participating in Church practices and rituals such as attending mass and other catholic ceremonies. They are fully immersed in the institutional life of the Church. Their Catholic identity is publicly manifested in their social, political, and economic life. Their social structure is almost entirely based around the church’s teachings, as well as

  • The Eucharist And The Catholic Church

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    Eucharist looks like a piece of bread in the shape of a circle. But to the Catholic Church the Eucharist is Christ in the present form. The Eucharist is what makes the Catholic Church unique. In the beginning, Jesus Christ, at the Last supper broke the bread and gave it to His disciples and told them it was His Body and told them to eat it. The Eucharist is what makes the Catholic Church Unique. Without the Eucharist The Catholic Church would just be a group of people that comes together to preach as a

  • Catholic Church Service

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    attend a church service that is unlike the religious service that we are familiar with and then write a paper about the experience in an unbiased way. To fulfill this task, I chose to attend a Roman Catholic church service in order to better understand my boyfriend’s religion. During my paper, I would like to describe how the church looks, compare the service I attended to what our book says about that religion, and then explain how it is a part of Christianity. St. Joseph Catholic Church is located

  • Corruption In The Catholic Church

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    change and chaos in the Catholic Church due to the corruption. There were reformers or an adjustment group like as Martin Luther that called for change. After the Protestants broke away the Catholic Church started small reforms to find a balance. Using the Culture Epoch Theory this paper will explore the causation, the adjustments, and the balancing of the Reformation. The Catholic Church and its corruption created chaos among the clergy and the people of the church. Catholic mass was spoken in and

  • Catholic Church Reformation

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    Protestants and Roman Catholic Churches. For example Anglicans, Lutheran, Calvinist, and there are many more, but during the sixteenth century those churches were the major reforms of the Protestant and Roman Catholic Reformations. You may ask yourself why? Well the purpose of this essay is to find out what caused the reformation, How did the reformers attempt to change the church and what where the effects on the reformation. Before the Reformation took place, the Roman Catholic Church was very powerful

  • Catholic Church Catechism

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    The Roman Catholic Church Catechism teaches that of the Seven, some are optional based upon life circumstances and life choices. As example, a priest, widow, or eunuch in the heart, may choose not to marry; thus the sacrament of matrimony is not required to be followed, but it must be endorsed, mandated, and preached in the family and friends that surround the individual. The sacrament of the anointing of the sick, may only apply if the individual is ill beyond the skills of the medical professionals

  • Women In The Catholic Church

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    teaching religion, to the level of theology, in every capacity; the mass media: press, radio, television” are roles that women are allowed to take on in the Catholic church (Byrne, 1994). As mentioned earlier, the Virgin Mary is one of the most important figures in the Catholic Church, Mary herself being the mother of the entire, universal Catholic Church. It is stated in the Bible that, “Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene. When Jesus

  • Catholic Church Observation

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    The assignment required that I visit a church of choice within the Catholic Council, and document my observation. I decided to visit the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament located in downtown Sacramento. The church is located amidst many of the governmental buildings and has easy access to Regional Transit. I chose this church because it was an ideal location to which I could get to. I attended Sunday masses and learnt a great deal pertaining to the Catholic doctrine. The Cathedral of the Blessed

  • Catholic Church Heresy

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    The Catholic Church has done many battles over false teachings of the Church, heresy, for over 2000 years. The word heresy means a teaching of the Catholic Church that is explicitly stated yet a person knowingly rejects this teaching for a different point of view. Donatism is a famous heresy that came around during the year 311 in response to Bishops being ordained when they had rejected the Bible during the persecution of Diocletian a few years prior. It states that a priest, under sin, who administers

  • Corruption of the Catholic Church

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    Why is the Catholic Church so corrupt in its teaching? They have found ways to control the knowledge that their followers contemplate on. The control of knowledge and power is the foundation for every successful religious organization. The Catholic Church have acquired this power through strategic control on the mind of its follower. The Catholic Church propagate their ideals as righteous in order to be accepted; for without this acceptance, they are faced with the task of initiating this power through

  • The Catholic Church and Reformation

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    In 16th century Europe the Catholic Church had become extremely powerful, and with this power came corruption. Two men stood to change the direction of Europe forever. The first Martin Luther was the decided leader of the Protestant Reformation and St Ignatius de Loyola was the leader of the Counter Reformation. These men did not know the impact they were to have on the Europe and the world, but in this essay I will explain who these men are and their impacts on the world as we know it. Martin

  • Rites Of The Catholic Church

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    The Catholic Church is a liturgical church. The word liturgy means service which is a formal ritual to demonstrate ones faith. There is a liturgy going on every 4 minutes in the world. During a liturgy there are 4 major parts Introductory Rites which has the penitential act, Liturgy of the word which has the Gospel Acclamation, Liturgy of the Eucharist which has the Eucharistic Prayer, Concluding Rites which has the greeting and blessing. Sacraments are a major part of the Catholic faith. The Latin

  • Catholic Church Leadership

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    greatest challenges of the Catholic Church as an institution has come to face is communication with and engagement from young people. Thus, the Church has made a mission "to examine herself on how she can lead young people to recognize and accept the call to the fullness of life and love, and to ask young people to help her in identifying the most effective way to announce the Good News today." In a modern world, young people have a different relationship to the church than in the past. In order

  • Homosexuality In The Catholic Church

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    history. Within the Catholic Church, it is hard to say how this issue should be dealt with. Many believe that reforms within the Church will become necessary, however the current pope, Pope Francis, does not believe this to be so. This has stirred up a debate among members of the Church. Traditionally, homosexuality in itself is viewed within the Catholic Church as morally evil and it has never been accepted. Pastoral counseling has been offered to allow members of the Church who identify themselves

  • Confirmation In The Catholic Church

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    There are seven sacraments in the Catholic church starting with baptism, communion, penance, confirmation, matrimony, holy orders and the anointing of the sick. This paper will examine the sacrament of confirmation in the Catholic church. Confirmation is a sacrament that Catholics believe helps the soul grow spiritually. It is seen as the completion of an initiation process that began with the sacrament of baptism. A person cannot receive confirmation unless they have been baptized first. ("What

  • Homosexualiy and the Catholic Church

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    Homosexualiy and the Catholic Church For us in Scotland homosexuality is one of the most prominent issues in Church and society today. Gay-rights advocates and activists are pushing a strong political agenda from the left—job benefits for domestic partners, civil recognition for gay marriages, the right to bear one's own children via reproductive technologies, equal access to adoption, anti-discrimination statutes. At the same time, the government has changed legislation regarding the teaching

  • Confirmation in the Catholic Church

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    Confirmation in the Catholic Church Confirmation is a Catholic sacrament of mature Christian commitment and a deepening of baptismal gifts. Like Baptism and Eucharist, it is a Sacrament of Initiation for Catholics and a Sacrament of faith in God's fidelity to us Confirmation is the moment when two things are confirmed. The candidate confirms his/her faith in Christ and takes full responsibility for that faith and for membership

  • A Mass in a Catholic Church

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    A Mass in a Catholic Church A mass in a catholic church is divided into two topics. These are the liturgy of the word and the liturgy of the Eucharist. The liturgy of the word is focused on the lectern where the main vocal parts of mass take place,-the first and second reading's , the gospel etc. And is a time where God is thanked and praised. The mass starts with the potential rite where everyone taking place in the mass say's the prayers "Lord have mercy", and "I confess". These two

  • Catholic Church Observation

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    Catholic Church I recently attended my home Church weekly prayer ceremony for the first time. Upon entrance, everyone was greeting one another informally, talking to each other and practicing different kinds of hymns and music. A few moments later they formed into a group and started informal prayer with a few of them singing an Anglican chant. The singing leader greeted all of the people in the name of the Lord. The greetings were typically Christian that stated that the Lord is listening and empowers

  • Assurance In The Catholic Church

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    strong historical evidence of the need for assurance. Before the Reformation, the Church was the assurance of salvation. When parishioners were baptized and partook of the Eucharist, they had the assurance, delivered by the Church, that they were secure. This is what forms the foundation of salvific assurance for the Catholic Church today. Their dependence lies more strongly on the Church then on Scripture. Many of the Church Fathers found assurance of salvation; however, since the time of the reformation