Abortion is Murder and Immoral

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Abortion is Murder and Immoral

In Americas Society Abortion is a topic that most people rather not face. More and more abortions occur everyday, causing potential lives to be terminated due to irresponsible sexual activity among adults and teens. Abortions cheats the unborn child of his or hers existence and unknown experiences to come. Abortions are quick escape goats for irresponsible individuals and cause pain, suffering, and death. I t is against the law and immoral to kill another human being, and by terminating a fetus you are performing another act of killing. In my essay I will use different articles and references to back my conclusion of how Abortions are cruel, examples of different types of abortions and how abortion is nothing else but killing.

Abortion is the act of terminating a life before birth. An abortion results in the death of an embryo or a fetus. Abortion destroys the lives of potential children and has a large effect on the person having the abortion and individuals around them. By aborting these unborn infants, humans are hurting themselves; they are not allowing themselves to meet these new identities and unique personalities. Abortion is wrong. In American households killing is looked as being wrong. As Americans we teach our children to value life because it is precious and to take another life or your own is immoral. Murder of another Individual is wrong, so why is it that Abortion is not wrong when both are Terminating lives. There are arguments over whether it is murder if a child is unborn. Abortion is murder since the fetus being destroyed is living, breathing and moving. There is no difference between four months into pregnancy or one month after birth, the result is stil...

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...result in his or hers death”. (Morality in Practice p.130)

To Conclude There are many different excuses people have for having an abortion in order to cover up their irresponsibility, our human society need to be held accountable for their actions and stop taking the easy way out. No matter how you look at regardless the situation, Terminating is killing and killing is murder no excuse. All the given information shows why abortions are not, morally right and why abortions are just killings, second chances or escape goats.


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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that there are many ways to abort, kill, such as cutting the fetus into pieces with serrated forceps, puncturing its skull with a sharp instrument, and sucking out the brain tissue.
  • Argues that pro-choice movements sometimes fall back on an abortion rhetoric that seems to dehumanize and trivialize the death of a fetus.
  • Opines that abortion as an alternative birth control is very serious. human beings don't take responsibility to protect themselves to prevent pregnancy. freedom plays a big part in the abortion issue.
  • Opines that pro-choice followers recommend abortion if the child is a result of rape, stating that women can be responsible for their actions and have children instead of killing them off.
  • Explains that abortion is a topic that most people rather not face. abortions are quick escape goats for irresponsible individuals and cause pain, suffering, and death.
  • Explains that individuals have the freedom to have sex and choose their mates, but no one has the right to kill or take another life that is immoral and wrong. the catholic church feels it is selfish to abort an unborn child.
  • Analyzes warren's essay on the criteria of being a person.
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