The Pros And Cons Of Abortion And Pro-Life

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Abortion has been a controversial topic since it became legal. There are two groups that affiliate with abortion and it 's the pro-choice and pro-life. A couple arguments that are made with pro-choice is that it is the woman 's body and it is their choice to what they want done to their body. For pro-choice another argument they have is that a fetuses life doesn 't start until after the baby is born and can survive on their own. There are many other arguments made with pro-choice as well. As pro-life, many of their arguments are if a woman falls pregnant, they should live with the decision they made when they had sex and they should take full responsibility for it. Pro-life also argues that when abortions are made, the fetus can feel and…show more content…
In the state of New York, abortion laws are less restrictive than some other state abortion laws. Some of the illegal portion of the abortion laws are (1) if pregnancy is not less than 24 weeks, and you get an abortion, (2) if abortion causes mother to die, (3) if the mother is taking any kind of drugs that would result in a miscarriage. Many people feel as if as soon as a woman is pregnant, that would mean that that fetus has a life and abortion shouldn 't happen because it 's murder. Most abortion are done by surgery but, all abortions stop the developing fetuses heart. Which to pro-life supporters, this is considered to be murder. Many people of pro-life are religious and believe that abortion is murder which is breaking one of the Ten Commandments. Within the first few weeks of conception, the fetus starts developing organs and body parts. Only at 6 weeks the baby is developing eyes, eyelids, nose, mouth, and tongue are being formed. People who agree with pro-life, their main concern is thinking that abortion is murder. There are also other reasons as well for people that believe in pro-life. After millions of women in America have aborted their child, there 's an emotional downfall that come with it. Many women experience…show more content…
Pro-choice is the fact that women get to have the choice of what they please to do to their bodies and what they believe is right. Pro-choice is often associated with abortion because women have the choice to get an abortion or not. If the woman sees fit to do so, then she has that choice right there for her. Pro-choice supporters also believe that the government shouldn 't have a choice whether or not they see fit if a woman wants an abortion or not. These supporters also believe that women should have an option of reliable, affordable contraceptives as well. They also support the funding for reproductive health care for low-income women that rely on the government funding. Supports of pro-choice believe that women can have the choice of abortion and if the woman cannot provide for her baby or had become impregnated by rape, she has the choice to abort the fetus. If abortion was illegal in America, women would try to find unhealthy and unsafe ways to abort the fetus. It would be very dangerous to the woman and could cause life long consequences on her body. If every baby that was aborted, was born, there would be more starvation and more poverty problems as well. Some women that choose to abort, simply don 't have enough money and cannot afford to support another human being. In the United States, a child is considered to be a legal adult at the age of 18
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