Abortion And Abortion

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Abortion, a controversial topic that excites like no other topic in this country. The principal reason why this topic is so controversial, is because there are many people on both sides of the issue. For the most part, it seems that certain social groups of society tend to think similarly about abortion. In this day and age it seems that there are not many pro-life Democratic politicians or pro-choice Republicans. Typically, Democrats are pro-choice and Republicans pro-life. Personally, I consider myself to be pro-life. I firmly believe that the point in which a person becomes a person by a clear and definable measure, is when it acquires a genetic code that identifies it as human. At conception there is potential life and if a fetus is killed, that fetus is gone, forever. It cannot be duplicated. All that said, I believe abortion is wrong both morally and ethically and it should be illegal. Democrats are generally more inclined towards being pro-choice advocates. They follow a liberal political philosophy and being the liberals that they are, they tend to take liberal positions on issues. Typically, Democrats are pro-choice, anti-death penalty, pro-gun control, and are in favor of social programs because they believe they can significantly help solve issues. The unequivocally support for abortion shown by the Democratic Party, is because they strongly believe that women should be permitted and given the right to have complete control and autonomy over their own bodies. In the webpage titled “What it means to be a Democrat” provided by csus.edu/org/democrats/beliefs, it was stated: “The Democratic Party stands behind the right of every woman to choose, consistent with Roe v. Wade, and regardless of ability to pay." Democrats ... ... middle of paper ... ...ct potential life at conception, and because of this there is absolutely no way I could ever be in favor of abortion. Abortion is murder, the only exception I can think of would be if the mother’s life was at risk, but besides that, I don’t see how allowing abortion is enhancing women’s rights. Citizens are supposed to be protected by the state, so why are these unborn children being deprived of this protection? According to the website lifenews.com 1.2 million babies dies every year from abortion. These statistics left me in shock and feeling very upset about the current state of affairs. I’m tired of hearing all these argument that try to justify abortion, to me, none of them are valid. I think people should really consider looking deeper into this topic, if they did perhaps they would come to realize that abortion is an inhumane procedure that should be illegal.

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