Abortion Vs Abortion

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Abortion is a touchy subject for most people and is something most would prefer to avoid discussing. Being pro-life or pro-choice is a decision that has much to do with the beliefs of an individual. I believe that abortion is something that is situational in my mind. I am pro-life and pro-choice. I believe that everyone has the right to make this decision but I believe killing is a child is wrong. Science is a big starting point when it comes to abortion, discussions of when a fetus is really a child is brought up in almost every debate on abortion.
Being pro-Life is a choice made by many. Being pro-life would mean a person doesn’t believe in the death penalty as well as would not believe in aborting an unborn child. This isn’t true for most people though, when you think about a man or woman who has murdered most people would think the death penalty is okay but when you talk about an unborn child then the situation changes. This is why I believe each situation is different. It is said that aborting a child does more harm than good. It could cause physical and psychological harm to the woman as well as killing a child [Ziegler, 2013].
The argument of when a fetus really becomes a child is something that has been researched for years. Some believe it is as soon as a woman is pregnant that the child is a living organism and is considered a child, others believe it isn’t a child until it has a beating heart. It is said by some medical professionals that a fetus is a child when it is treated separately from the mother. When the doctor is doing something solely for the child then it is an “unborn child” [McCullough et al, 2013].
Who do you save if you have the choice of the unborn child or the mother? This in my mind is...

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...rtion should not be an option unless this endangers the health of the mother. Time and time again the mother uses not knowing who the father is as a way to eliminate complication. This makes it difficult for a law to really be effective if one was put in place. It is the mothers body and 9 months of her life but she has made this mistake and must live with it if the father is willing to take all rights and responsibilities of this child [Williams, 2013].
As you can see everything is situational. If you were given these individual situations I think your thoughts on abortion would change. I am not one sided on abortion and I think it is a huge and difficult decision for anyone to make. I hope that when anyone makes this decision that they take all options into consideration and really think about the situation they are in and how it would affect the unborn child.

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