A Web Page

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A Web Page

A web page is an electronic document written in a computer language called HTML, short for Hypertext Markup Language. Each web page has a unique address, called a URL, short for Uniform Resource Locator, which identifies its location on the network.
A website has one or more related web pages, depending on how it's designed. Web pages on a website are linked together through a system of hyperlinks, so that you can jump between them by clicking on a link. On the Web, you navigate, popularly knowing as surfing, through pages of information based on what interests you at that particular moment.

Home Page
When you browse the World Wide Web you'll see the term home page quite a lot. Think of a home page as the starting point of a website. Like the table of contents of a book or magazine, the home page in most cases gives an overview of what you'll find at the website. A website can have one page, many pages or a few long ones, depending on how it's designed. If there isn't a lot of information, the home page may be the only page. But usually you will find at least a few other pages.

Web pages vary wildly in their design and content, but most use a traditional magazine format. At the top of the page is a masthead or banner graphic. Then there's a list of items, such as articles, often with a brief description. The items in the list are usually hot, meaning that they are linked to other pages in the website or to other websites. Sometimes these links are highlighted words in the body of the text or are arranged in a list, just like an index. They can also be a combination of both. A web page can also have images that link to other content.

Designing the structure of your Web site
Designing your Web site begins with planning the purpose of the site, what the content will be, and how you want it to be structured. A well-designed Web site can make it easy for your audience to navigate and get the information you want them to receive. It can also make it easier for you to manage and update later on.

Planning the purpose and content of the site