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    Inside pages IMPLEMENTATION ============== Version 1 Front and Back page First I inserted a line; this indicates to me that it is splitting the front page and back page. This was then followed up by a textbox on the back page for the surgery times, emergencies and contact number. The last thing I did on the back page was inserting the logo, address, telephone number and surgery name these were imported from the Shared area. The front page included a text box for the title and a hamster

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    his dramatic works, Shakespeare has provided insights into human nature which, in the opinion of many of his disciples, equal those of the greatest modern psychologists. The impact of the Bard's insights is compounded by a masterful use of the language which makes him the mostly widely studied English writer. Church records indicate that William Shakespeare was baptised in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire on April 26, 1564. April 23 is widely accepted as his date of birth. His father was a respected

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    Previous Page There is a great divide between rich school districts and poor school districts in respect to students’ achievements. Many of the poor school districts’ student population consists of minorities, which adds to the stereotypes of minorities not being intelligent. “These students, for whom a strong education is especially essential, are being left behind - and being left behind in greater and greater numbers over the past decade” (“Equity” par 1). One way that this problem has

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    Web Page The development and design of a basic web page can be a fun yet tricky task. Whether it’s a large commercial web page for business purposes, or a small personal web page about your hobby or family; the process of development is the same. The three major steps leading to the development and design of a basic web page include: information gathering, site layout and design, and HTML (hyper text markup language) conversion. The most important task of developing and designing a web page

  • Censoring the Pages of Knowledge

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    Censoring the Pages of Knowledge Imagine a world where you could not read or own any books. How would you feel if you had someone burn your house because you have books hidden within the walls? One of the most prevalent themes in Ray Bradbury's novel Fahrenheit 451 is the idea of censorship. In Bradbury's fictional world, owning books is illegal. A fireman's job is not putting out fires like one may assume. In Fahrenheit 451, a fireman has the job of starting fires. Firefighters start fires in

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    A Web Page A web page is an electronic document written in a computer language called HTML, short for Hypertext Markup Language. Each web page has a unique address, called a URL, short for Uniform Resource Locator, which identifies its location on the network. A website has one or more related web pages, depending on how it's designed. Web pages on a website are linked together through a system of hyperlinks, so that you can jump between them by clicking on a link. On the Web, you navigate, popularly

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    Web Pages The phrase "point and click" is all too familiar to the basic computer user these days. With their computers, people now have the power to do see and do a plethora of things with this phrase. Thanks to the invasion of cyberspace, even more possibilities exist to the everyday computer user. The Internet is an almost infinite resource for providing great reference information, entertainment, and other everyday needs. Obviously, people have their preferences of which pages they find the

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    Home Page Design For the title of my home page I have decided to put it in WordArt. The WordArt title is the name of the surgery, which is "PARK VIEW VETERINARY SURGERY". I haven't decided what WordArt I am going to use yet so I will state the WordArt, which I will use when I am making and implementing the actual web page. For the font of the text I have decided to keep it in "Times New Roman" as it will be easy to read. For the text size of the WordArt I have chosen to keep the size

  • Basics of Web Page Design

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    Basics of Web Page Design Im am going to analyse a music group website, the website address is and its all about a band called roll deep crew. Its all about a crew from the underground of garage that like to make there own version of music. This is what the front page looks like: [IMAGE] From the front page it look professional there's a little intro that you can either choose to watch or skip. This is good as you can clearly see where you have to click if you

  • The Differences between Hypertext and the Printed Page

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    The Differences between Hypertext and the Printed Page Two painters, alone in the night, fervently work on their objets d’art. One, concerned with borders and lines, and the obviousness of it all, creates on her canvas a network of lines, circles, and primary colors. The other, thinking more about the medium (or rather the way she can master the colors and images), whimsically lets her hands wander on the surface, combining hues and smudging shapes. As the sun peaks its head over the hillside