A Narrative Essay On A Mission Trip

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Life can have many ups and downs. One positive thing that has happened to me is being able to go on Mission Trips with my local youth group. I have been on a total of four mission trips in my life. Each one I go on opens my eyes to God. It brings people together and allows everyone to go and help the communities out. The mission trips are filled with teenagers from all over Missouri, that go all over America to help out. All the mission trips are put together by the CCYM (Conference Council on Youth Ministries.) About two years ago our youth group, that consisted of about eight to ten people, got together and went on this journey together. This wonderful journey led us to Omaha, Nebraska. We began this trip on a Sunday morning. This was the beginning of our long journey to the great state of Nebraska. During our long trip to Nebraska we many played games along the way. My dad would say “who wants to play the alphabet game”. I would chime in with a “I do” along with three other people. There were also the not so great parts about the car ride up there. Our whole group as a whole whole would argue about the silliest of things. One person named Drake would constantly have to go to the bathroom and would just shout out “I’m going to pee my pants if we don't stop soon”. The end result would be all of us yelling at him about how we just stopped an …show more content…

Which brings me to the first day. This day would have to be one of my favorites out of the whole mission trip. It taught me a lot about myself and how others view me. When we wake up that Monday morning we eat breakfast and our group gathers together to learn about what we will doing all day. We find out that we will be helping this elderly women named Betty. She is in her late seventies and needs help with redoing two sets of steps and some simple yard work. After we are told this information we go get in the van and travel to Betty’s

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that they have been on four mission trips with their local youth group. each one brings people together and allows everyone to go and help the communities out.
  • Narrates how their youth group got together and went on a journey to omaha, nebraska, where they played games and argued about the silliest of things.
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