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Where is A Mission? The thought had always lingered inside of my head, aimlessly suspended like a climber stuck in an awkward position. Debating whether to reach for the next gap or to give out and abandon the idea. I had always dreamed of going on a mission trip, unfortunately my actions didn’t concede to the idea as easily as I imagined. Each time I was given the opportunity to go, I would push it back further and further by using a different excuse to cover my hesitation. It was strange, I had always wanted to experience what a mission trip was like. Although, when I thought about actually pursuing to go on one I would once again shove the thought in the back of my brain, in hopes of forgetting about it entirely. Until one day, I was reintroduced to the idea once again. My friend Nick and I were in Math class one day when Nick said, “Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Our church is going on a mission trip to Mexico during Spring break this year. I’m already going, can you come?” I quickly responded with my pre-made response to this particular question. “Oooo… that sounds like fun! I'll have to make sure I’m not doing anything though. I’ll check tonight.” I exclaimed in a fake demeanor. Nick responded, “Okay,…show more content…
Although, I had the completely wrong view. I learned that a person is a person regardless of a person's social status or by what they do or don't have. I also realized that even though a mission trip is meant to help those in need, I needed missionaries myself. I realize that even though we help the kids at the Ruidoso orphanage, I feel like they helped me shape who I am as a person in a dramatic way. Whether it was by feeding us lunch to playing a game of soccer with us, they positively affected my life in a huge mental way. Therefore, I also realized that everywhere I go is a mission for someone, somewhere, and that I've been assigned to the mission my whole

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