Growing Up On The South Side Of Chicago

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Growing up on the south side of Chicago in the roughest neighborhood in the city I learned a lot from others and just observing my surroundings. At times, I would always think to myself my situation could always be worse than it was, and that there is always someone who is doing worst off than me. But my situation turned from being in a bad position to being in a position where my mother would come to lose her mother and our home that we had been living in, all in the same year. After losing her mother and bother my mom lost herself in her emotions and shut down on everyone and with that came the loss of a home for me and my siblings and her job. Shortly after my mom began to go back to church and so did we. It was the first time in a log time that we had attended church and it played a big part in a learning experience for me and my siblings. Through the days that came to pass going to church sparked a desire of wanting to help others who had or are struggling to get by. My mentor, Pastor, and teacher deserves appreciation for helping my mother through a hard time and keeping me and my siblings active in a positive manor.
The True Temple of Solomon in Chicago, Illinois, was established in 1950 as seen on the Church’s website. Prophet Peter Banks, is the founder of this church. In the religion that he preaches he claims that he and his followers are a form of Christianity. After Prophet Peter passed away his grandson Prophet John, was left to take control of the Church and all other property that corresponded with the church. From 2000 until present day Prophet John has been growing as activist in the south-side neighborhoods surrounding his church. Many fundraisers and food drives have been held over the years to help the ...

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...themselves. For many of young people in Chicago programs and food drives are needed, many of them may not eat until they come to school or a church. Schools and churches were most valuable to them because for many youth school and church kitchens. Those meals would be some of the only meals that they would be getting for the day. After realizing how foolish I sounded I felt bad for even thinking that the thought of going to church and poetically helping someone would irritate me.
After seeing though the eyes of my pastor I’ve come to realize the importance of faith and committing to one’s beliefs. Returning to church after two massive losses has helped my mother in many ways and it has also taught me as a young man how small things that I could do would turn to have a big impact on someone’s life the same way my pastor impacted my life and the life of my siblings.

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