A Man For All Seasons

For a truly Christian man, nothing is more important than preparing the immortal soul for the next life. In the play, “A Man For All Seasons,” Sir Thomas Moore is a devout Christian–apparent due to his unceasing prayers, vast humbleness, devotion to his family, and his ardency in maintaining the truth. His refusal to obey King Henry VIII shows that he believes strongly in life after death, for going against the King of England in Renaissance Era ensured swift, lethal retribution. The only way that Sir Thomas might have remained alive was to swear to the Act of Succession, which violated his deepest convictions about religion. Being a Christian, Sir Thomas decided to let God be the judge of those who endorsed the oath to avoid the wrath of King Henry and remain on earth for an amount of time that would surely pass. Fearing not for his life but for the verdict on his immortal soul, Sir Thomas Moore decided to defend the truth.
The corruption of Renaissance England is obvious all the way from the church to the monarchy–clutching cardinals, lords, bishops, and even kings in its nearly inescapable grasp. Wishing to gain greater material wealth, those in high places often bent the rules, told lies, and threatened underlings to attain that which they desired. Sir Thomas Moore, however, made no false pretenses–he truly believed in Christianity and its siblings honesty, charity, and integrity. He was not one to compromise hi...
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