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  • Henry VIII: King of England

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    As a monarch, the life of Henry VIII is one of which many do not attempt to describe because of the rich amount of history that goes along with him. No king has left such a profound impact on the past accounts of his country, or has been the focus of controversial topics that have made lasting contributions to his country. His means were immoral, but because of the greatness that he achieved, we look beyond his imperfection. On June 28, 1491, at Greenwich Palace, Henry VII and Elizabeth of York had

  • Henry VIII, King of England

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    Henry VIII (1491-1547) was the King of England from 1510 to 1547.  He was a unique king with talent in music and sports.  He married six wives during his life, and he influenced England a lot during his reign.  This paper will examine his early life, his marriages with his six wives, his success in many battles, becoming the head of the Anglican Church, and his life as the King of England. Henry VIII was born on June 28, a rainy day in the summer of 1491, at Greenwich Palace in England (Godwin

  • Henry VIII and the Church of England

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    King Henry VIII was an important figure in helping to kick start the Reformation in England, even though it was not his intent. His break with the Papacy and his constantly changing ideas on how the new Church of England should be run gave the Protestants the foothold they needed to gain popularity in Europe. Although his intentions were purely politically motivated, he started a change in the way the layman viewed the church and how it should be run. THE LIFE OF HENRY VIII Henry VIII was born

  • King Henry VIII Of England and Ireland

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    Henry the VIII was born in June 28, 1491. Named after his father, Henry VII, he was bound to live a great life. He was Henry VII and Elizabeth of York’s second son and was not expected to be King, until his brother’s death in 1501 (Eakins). Henry was born at Greenwich Palace and was one of the three children that survived birth. Henry was 18 years old when he became King. He was very smart and talented as a child. Henry the VIII was very fond of the arts, especially writing and music. He was very

  • Henry VIII and his Reformation of the Church in England

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    Henry VIII and his Reformation of the Church in England Henry VIII, in his Reformation of the English Church, was driven mostly by political factors, but also partially by a belief that he was one of the Kings of the Old Testament. Although the initial break with Rome and the dissolution of the monasteries seem to be the work of a monarch who has changed his religious colours, and turned from Catholicism to Protestantism, they were in fact only a means for gaining money and divorce. By

  • Henry VIII: Far Reaching Consequences In Tudor England

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    the reign of Henry VIII. The English Reformation was to have far reaching consequences in Tudor England. Henry VIII decided to rid himself of his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, after she had failed to produce a male heir to the throne. He had already decided who his next wife would be – Anne Boleyn. By 1527, Catherine was considered too old to have anymore children. Henry wanted his marriage to Catherine revoked. She had not produced a male heir who survived into adulthood, and Henry wanted a son

  • King Henry VIII and his Great Impact on the History of England

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    King Henry VIII was one of the most powerful rulers in the fifteenth century, who had a very captivating life many people are not aware of. Most people know Henry VIII as a berserk king with too many wives, but there is more to Henry VIII than that. Many few people know about his life and what he truly contributed to our world. Henry VIII was an almighty leader in England who won’t soon be forgotten. Henry VIII was born in Greenwich, England on June 28, 1491. At the age of just two years old

  • King Henry

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    King Henry VIII of England and Ireland, third child and second son of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, was born on June 28, 1491. Henry VIII was born, like all other monarchs except Henry VII, at Greenwich Palace. His two brothers, Prince Arthur and Edmond, Duke of Somerst, and of his two sisters died before their father. Henry VIII was the only son. Margaret Tudor and Mary Tudor were the only daughters to survive. It is said the King Henry was destined for the church and that his powers were thrust

  • King Henry VIII: The Golden King

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    King Henry VIII was not only a major component of England’s governmental structure, but was also an integral part of English Renaissance literature. From writing love poems to participating in literary endeavors, King Henry VIII revolutionized literature in England all while running the country. His humanist ideals and youthful, energetic personality provided a refreshing change of pace from the previous king, which resulted in the trust and support of his people. While his life was what modern society

  • The English Reformation

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    like Queen Elizabeth I and Henry VIII brought the Reformation in England much success, however their reasons were based on self-gain and desire for political power. Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I may have been the English Reformation’s greatest benefactors, all because of self interest. Henry VIII was not originally Protestant, but after the pope denied him of his divorce, Henry VIII took things into his own hands. Due to the power kings had in the Middle Ages, Henry VIII was able to control Parliament