A Comparison of Two Films: Ring and Audition

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A Comparison of Two Films: Ring and Audition The two horror films in question are Ring and Audition. They have many similarities, such as the message, the plots, the protagonists and the themes. These similarities portray and tell us about the concerns of modern Japanese culture. The message of Ring is don’t treat others badly just because they are different. Dr Ikuma killed Sadako and made Shizoku a circus freak just because they were different. The message of Audition is never judge a book by its cover. Aoyama saw Asami as polite, beautiful, classy and obedient, because of her looks and what he read about her. So, in modern Japanese society people treat others differently because of their differences from others. This is a concern because it portrays Japanese society as “blind”, because Japanese society doesn’t seem to look within a person. The plot of Ring is a mysterious video kills whoever views it, unless that viewer can solve its mystery. The plot of Audition is that lonely Aoyama wants to get married again after his wife died, and has an audition and gets drawn to a young woman called Asami, who does not appear to be who Aoyama thinks she is. Both films have mysteries which end in twists, which are common in horror films. In Ring, the stock-situation is one of gothic horror, without any blood and gore but mysterious deaths. The colour for this type of horror film is black, as it is dark and mysterious. By contrast, the stock situation in Audition is full of blood and gore. It is more like the modern horror films. The colour for this type of horror film is red, because it is full of blood and gore. Both films teach us about vengeance in modern Japanese culture, which is inevitable. They tell us that there are some people that like to kill others that are innocent. The main protagonists of Ring are Asakawa and Sadako, heroine and villainess. The main protagonists of Audition are Aoyama and Asami,
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