A Comparison of Blue Remembered Hills and An Inspector Calls

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A Comparison of Blue Remembered Hills and An Inspector Calls In "Blue Remembered Hills" by Dennis Potter and "An Inspector Calls" by J.B. Priestly there are many similarities and differences. "In Blue remembered Hills" there is a sub-plot, with the two girls and Donald this joins with the main plot whereas in "An Inspector Call" there is no sub-plot, so this does not distract the audience from the central theme, therefore the action is continuous. Blue Remembered Hills begins by introducing you to two young boys Peter and Willie, Peter is a bit of a bully and not too bright, whereas Willie seems to be bright and fun-loving. Later on in the play another two boys appear, Raymond who has a stutter but almost always has a cheeky grin on his face and also John is an argumentative and sensitive boy. In the next scene Audrey, who is rather plain and Angela who is pretty, with ringlet hair and blue ribbons are playing house with "Donald Duck" who is an abused child. In "An Inspector Calls" the characters are Mr Birling who is a prosperous factory owner, not the social equal of his wife. He is 'a self made man'. His Wife, Mrs Birling, a cold women and is Ms Birling's social superior. Sheila, Mr Birling's daughter, is a pretty young woman in her early twenties and is very pleased with her life, being newly engaged to Gerald Croft, who is a manly, well-bred young man-about-town. Eric, Mr birling's son, in his twenties who is not quite at ease with himself, half shy and half assertive. The Inspector is a assertive and respected man. Both plays are started with normal activities, ie: having dinner and playing in the woods, and both stories have a death in them, In "blue Remembered Hills," Donald one of the boys in the play dies in a shed fire, which he started. Whereas in "An Inspector Calls," a young girl Eva Smith dies, but she commits suicide. In "Blue Remembered Hills" the characters know how Donald dies, whereas in "An Inspector Calls"

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