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  • Dennis Potters' Blue Remembered Hills

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    Dennis Potters' Blue Remembered Hills A.E. Houseman’s poem looks back at childhood as a “land of lost content” meaning that when you are a child you are innocent and you don’t have a care in the world. Also he says that childhood is a “happy highway where I went / and cannot come again” meaning that they are the best years of your life but you can never go back there. Dennis Potter took the poem and turned it in to a play about a group of children who were on there school holidays in the

  • Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter

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    Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter This year our practical assessment in Drama has been a three month project, from September until December, on 'Blue Remembered Hills' written by Dennis Potter, who also wrote other popular television programmes, films scripts and plays such as "The Confidence Course" that he wrote in the early part of his career in 1965, onto things like "Sufficient Carbohydrate" in 1983. Although he mainly wrote a lot of his scripts for television and films, script

  • Comparison Between Blue Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter and Blood Brothers by Willie Russell

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    Remembered Hills by Dennis Potter and Blood Brothers by Willie Russell In January 2004 we performed a scripted assessment of Blue Remembered Hills, this was based on research that we did about life in the Second World War and the writer Dennis Potter. In this essay I will compare Blue Remembered Hills to Blood Brothers by Willie Russell. I will be looking at the similarities and differences between the two pieces of performance. Blue Remembered Hills is very different from Dennis Potter's other

  • The Childhoods Portrayed in My Left Foot and Blue Remembered Hills by Christy Brown

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    The childhoods portrayed in My Left Foot and Blue Remembered Hills are different in terms of the experiences and the dilemmas that they encounter in their early life. However each child, Christy Brown and the children of the play by Dennis Potter, each have their own obstacles and issues that are affecting them. My Left Foot is a book written by Christy Brown and his childhood growing up with cerebral palsy in a large, poor family in Dublin during the 1930’s. Christy discusses and shares his difficult

  • A Comparison of Blue Remembered Hills and An Inspector Calls

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    A Comparison of Blue Remembered Hills and An Inspector Calls In "Blue Remembered Hills" by Dennis Potter and "An Inspector Calls" by J.B. Priestly there are many similarities and differences. "In Blue remembered Hills" there is a sub-plot, with the two girls and Donald this joins with the main plot whereas in "An Inspector Call" there is no sub-plot, so this does not distract the audience from the central theme, therefore the action is continuous. Blue Remembered Hills begins by introducing

  • Review of Blue Remembered Hills

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    the land of lost content I see it shining plain The happy highways where I went And cannot come again In this short piece AE Houseman gives the effect of a clean happy time. Dennis Potter has a completely different view on childhood that completely contrasts with AE Houseman's poem. Dennis potters play is a reversal of AE Houseman's poem, including the attitudes of the children. In this play the children think only for themselves. There is extreme cruelty between the children. There

  • The Harry Potter Controversy

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    The Harry Potter Controversy The wildly popular Harry Potter book series by J. K. Rowling has caused controversy for many families over the past five years. These novels according to some critics are harmless, adventurous, children's tales. Others choose to portray them as stories that inspire children to become involved in the occult and serious witchcraft. The Harry Potter novels chronicle the life of a young wizard whose wizard parents were killed by the evil Lord Voldermort. On his eleventh

  • The Making of a Serial Killer, An Annotated Bibliography

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    Scott, Shirley L. "Monstrous Mothers." What Makes Serial Killers Tick? Web. 19 May 2014. Thomas, Michael. "Psychopaths, And How Not To Become A Serial Killer." Exposing The Truth. Exposing The Truth, 29 Sept. 2013. Web. 06 May 2014. Wenzl, Roy, Tim Potter, L. Kelly, and Hurst Laviana. Bind, Torture, Kill: The inside Story of the Serial Killer next Door. New York: HC, 2007. Print.

  • Reflection Paper On Breastfeeding

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    Mothers who feel like they have successfully mastered the task of breastfeeding are associated with an increased duration of breastfeeding at six months (Kingston, Dennis, & Sword, 2007; McGarter-Spaulding & Gore, 2009; Wilheml, Rodehorst, Stepans, Hertzog, & Berens, 2008). However, Buxton et al. (1991) reported that mothers with low confidence related to their ability to breastfeed stop breastfeeding within the first

  • research industry

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    The term “3D” has been a buzzword throughout the media industry for several years now. The term itself attracts audiences of all ages and this emergence of 3D cinema has benefited the film industry to make millions of dollars more compared to typical 2D films. The art of 3D has been so appealing that producers of countless movies strive to turn their 2D films in to 3D due to its remarkable significance towards the film industry. The event I attended was the SPARK Conference, Festival and Job fair