Review of Blue Remembered Hills

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Review of Blue Remembered Hills 'Blue Remembered Hills' is a poem by AE Houseman that shows an idealistic view of childhood as you see in the poem. That is the land of lost content I see it shining plain The happy highways where I went And cannot come again In this short piece AE Houseman gives the effect of a clean happy time. Dennis Potter has a completely different view on childhood that completely contrasts with AE Houseman's poem. Dennis potters play is a reversal of AE Houseman's poem, including the attitudes of the children. In this play the children think only for themselves. There is extreme cruelty between the children. There is a constant power struggle between the boys and the girls. This constant struggle for power, admiration and for wanting to be respected leads to the destruction of a member of the group of boys. The children constantly pick on the weakest to make them look bigger. AE Houseman shows an idealistic view of children and Potter wanted to show what he thought kids were like. Potter thought that if he used children the audience wouldn't see their true behaviour: the audience would just see kids fooling around like kids do. Potter wanted the kid's behaviour to really be analysed. By using adults to play out children the audience would concentrate on what they are doing. Potter also used adults to portray emotion better than children. In an example Willie's behaviour is childish with him using his hands as aeroplane wings and making sounds like an aeroplane. If you saw a child do this then it would be normal, but seeing an adult makes you watch the movement very closely and seeing the ... ... middle of paper ... ...pathy for Donald. Peter though can't handle the guilt so decides to go for the easy option, denial. Soon everybody starts to deny the situation of the barn blaze. Peter: "No I wasn't, t was bloody mile away" Audrey: "You was with me Peter" Willie: "we was altogether" John: "That's right, we didn't see nothing" Raymond: "Poor old quack-quack" The children act like adults do most of the time when they can't deal with the pain of a situation; they deny that it ever happened. Potter's view of children is that although children don't know the world fully they still posses all the traits of an adult. Also he wants to show that children are not angels their human beings, and when you're not with them they get up to all sorts and last of all Potter shows that there is always a heavy competition to the best.

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