A Career In Psychology: The Path To Psychology

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The Path to Psychology I would like to have a career in Psychology because most things about it interest me. I am not sure exactly which field of it I would like to major in but I have an Idea. There is about 170,000 psychologist jobs in the united states, so It sounds like its a reasonable field to find a job I am happy with. I realized that I wanted to have a career in psychology when I first started my psychology class in high school. Everything we were doing just interested me, it made me want to pay attention to what we were doing and really try to learn the materials. College will take me around seven to ten years to complete, I am going to major in Psychology with a minor or double major in Criminal Justice. For college, in each field in Psychology, you need different types…show more content…
I am hoping that I can get a minor in this field. To be quite honest, I have seen a lot of Law & Order episodes, and that is where my interest in this came about. I do not know if I want a full career in this field, that is why I plan on getting a minor or double major. But just all the stuff about it is another thing that interests me. Such as dealing with the people who are kind of crazy and also getting to help people. “Criminal justice graduates are ready for careers in law enforcement, court administration, victim services, and corrections, and many use the degree to advance into law school and graduate programs.” By getting this minor or double major, it gives me a chance for more job opportunities. Either way I decide though if I did end up choosing that I wanted a career in it, I would be able to get a job in it. With having a degree in Psychology as well as a minor in Criminal Justice, it could open so many more doors for me. By having both of those it not only gives me the chance at a job in Psychology. But if I decide that I would want to pursue a job in Criminal Justice I will be able to depending on how high up of a job I

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