The Environment Has A Great Impact On Human Health And Development Essay

The Environment Has A Great Impact On Human Health And Development Essay

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What I Do, What I Could Do, What I Will Do.
The environment has a great impact on human health and development. It intertwines with our lifestyle for us to attain the highest possible quality of health. The natural environment is known to be a determinant to human health. For example, air quality affects persons with respiratory diseases. The environment not only affects the well-being of humans but animals as well. Animals depend solely on the environment as it is a means of their survival. Environmental issues have caused a great disturbance because of human activity or I would say human carelessness. These environmental issues have caused mass destruction, death, poverty, and fear in many countries. They have also caused hundreds or thousands of people to suffer and brought an uproar throughout the world. After reading more about these environmental issues and how they have drastically affected the world, I realized that we are destroying our planet. Studying environmental issues has made me more aware of my surroundings and the consequences of my actions. To resolve this, I have found alternatives to become more conservative and
Being preservative was one of my morals and I grew up appreciating the beautiful environment and how to keep it clean. I had knowledge of a few environmental issues such as pollution and global warming affecting the world. But it never occurred to me how serious these situations were in different countries. I only see my actions as helping the environment in a small way by keeping it clean. I do not litter because I despise seeing the sight of trash on the ground. When I do see a recycle bin available I dispose my recyclables the correct bin. While staying on campus I realize that the university does ...

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...mall human with a small voice, but this small voice can possibly be the greatest influence. Promoting environmental awareness in every university is the goal I will want to achieve. This is a gruesome task, but starting small leads to big accomplishments. Just like an environmental issues starting from a small problem. Mankind must be dedicated to make a change even if it is a costly one because our health should be more important than money. Truthfully, people take care of things that they love. Do we really love our environment? If we did then we would not be destroying it. Humans usually take care of what they love like pets and houses. The environment is our home, let us take care of it. This world was created for us to use to our advantage and we must care for it. It is our production, protection, and prosperity. A safe and clean environment improves our health.

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