Essay about Entrepreneurship Education From Public Authorities

Essay about Entrepreneurship Education From Public Authorities

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There has been a phenomenal growth in the number of institutions offering entrepreneurship programmes because of the rising awareness of the significance of entrepreneurship education from public authorities. Although, the number of entrepreneurship education is increasing, the rate at which the programme is assessed with respect to teaching methods, contents, and its harmonisation towards the desired objectives of the programmes is minimal. In order to empirically ascertain the state of the module, it becomes prudent to examine the effectiveness of the module from the perspective of the students. A case study approach was adopted using students of Cape Coast Polytechnic, Ghana. Purposive sampling was used and questionnaires were administered to the students. The result revealed a mixed findings as students were appreciative of the key concepts of the module but wanted more improvements in some other aspects. Given the mixed findings, entrepreneurship education in Ghana needs a paradigm shift if it is to achieve its intended objectives as suggested by the researchers per the observation from the findings.
Keywords: Entrepreneurship education, entrepreneurship module, students’ perception.

Entrepreneurship education has emerged over the past two decades as the most potent economic force the world has ever witnessed. The growth can be seen as indicative of widespread governmental belief in the positive impact that entrepreneurship can have on the socio-economic and political infrastructure of a nation (Matlay, 2008). Public policy makers recognise the importance of entrepreneurship as determinant of economic development and hence support instruments like entrepreneurship education to increase entrepreneurial ...

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...urpose of achieving profit and growth by identifying opportunities and assembling the requisite resources to exploit these identified opportunities. Given the above definitions, entrepreneurship can be seen as a complex discipline and many scholars from diverse disciplines of study have attempted to define it from their own perspective of study.

Entrepreneurship education
Alberti et al. (2004) define entrepreneurship education as the structured formal conveyance of entrepreneurial competencies, which in turn refers to the concepts, skills and mental awareness used by individuals during the process of starting and developing their growth oriented ventures. Entrepreneurship education is also seen as consisting of all efforts which sensitize the addressed target group to eventually find a business rather than working in the corporate world (Bechard & Gregoire, 2005).

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