Enterprise Is The Largest Car Rental Essay

Enterprise Is The Largest Car Rental Essay

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Enterprise is an internationally known car rental, with more than “7,000 neighboring and airport locations throughout North America and Europe. Enterprise is the largest car rental brand in North America, well-known for its great rates, award-winning customer service and picking up local car rental customers at no extra cost” (About). Enterprise offers great leadership opportunities to its employees and helps them become entrepreneurs. They provide over 1 million job opportunities worldwide, this private company thrives its self in customer service because they thrive on being personable by creating relationships not just transactions
Jack C. Taylor founded Enterprise in 1957, it’s said that he named his company after “the aircraft carrier he served on during World War II.” Enterprise operates internationally and has more than 7,000 locations in North America and Europe. Enterprise thrives itself in having great customer service; they even provide a pick-up service at no extra cost. Meaning that if you are in a car accident or need to rent a car and have no mode of transportation at the time Enterprise will send a driver within the company to pick the customer up and bring them to the branch and get them squared away with a rental car. Enterprise “is a total mobility provider offering consumers neighborhood and airport car rental, car sharing, ride-matching, vanpooling services, car sales, exotic car rental, motorcycle rental and truck rental. In addition, the Enterprise Holdings Foundation has contributed more than $200 million to thousands of local non-profits focused on community improvement, education and environmental stewardship” (About). Jack C. Taylor started his company with only seven cars and operated out a car dealer...

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...hooses the Enterprise employee can provide the best customer service by retrieving the vehicle as fast as possible, making sure the vehicle is clean, and keeping a smile making the customer feel welcomed.
Enterprise is making the best decision by migrating to all international airports getting the brand name known as much as possible. People will always need to travel whether it is for business or pleasure but one will always need transportation therefore, Enterprise is going to capitalize on all of that business and provide the greatest experience for travelers all over the world. Also, based on the article we see that Enterprise is taking steps towards maximizing the “economic impact of travel and tourism by providing a better experience for international travelers coming to the United States” (Enterprise) therefore, the kiosk would be a smart move on their part.

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