The Southwest Airline: The Success Of Southwest Airlines

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The airline industry has become more and more competitive over the years. It takes determination, preparation, knowledge, and recourses to start an airline company, and that is just what happened forty-five years ago in Dallas Texas. Southwest Airline is a very successful airline company serving around 100 million customers annually (Southwest Corporate Fact Sheet). Many things stick out about Southwest such as their satellite-based WIFI and free luggage. These accommodations appeal to the customers. The company describes its mission as “dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit” (About Southwest). From a customer standpoint, there is nothing else…show more content…
One possibility to be discussed is the idea that the success of the Southwest airline company will be directly correlated to the satisfaction of the customers. Economics plays a huge role in the airline industry. For Southwest, the CEO states that they kicked off a “low fare revolution” back forty-five years ago when the company began. It was their goal to make flying affordable and convenient for the average man; flying was no longer going to be just for the elite. According to CEO Gary Kelly when Southwest Airline originated “only 15 percent of Americans had traveled by plane” (The Low-Fare Revolution). That number has currently risen to more than 85 percent of the United States population, with a large part of the credit going to Southwest Airline. All of this being said, one author notes that since…show more content…
They have been known for exceptional customer service, as noted in their mission statement, however in 2014 one headline read, “After decades of prompt departures and arrivals, its punctuality has been abysmal since August” (Southwest Airlines). This unpleasant and unexpected turn came when Southwest attempted to make a change in the time allotted for turnarounds at the airport. Perhaps they became a little too greedy with everything that was going right for them. Their plan was to crunch time and make money by having more flights in less time. Unfortunately, their plan did not work exactly how they had hoped; one delay caused a domino effect and less than 60 percent of their flights were arriving or departing on time (Southwest Airlines). This is a challenge Southwest is having to overcome still to this day. They are in the process of allotting more time for turnarounds, but in the meantime they will be losing money. This is a sacrifice they are having to make in order to gain back customer satisfaction. One reporter noted, “The poor operational performance is a shocking turn for the Dallas-based airline that typically sits atop customer satisfaction ratings, with such consumer-friendly policies as free checked bags and no fees to change a flight” (Southwest Airlines). Southwest Airlines’ reputation of fantastic customer service has been prevalent for decades. This slip up in an

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