The Effects Of Global Warming On Our Environment Today Essay

The Effects Of Global Warming On Our Environment Today Essay

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Global warming is a problem in our environment today, and it 's up to us as a universe of humans to curve that issue. I believe the environment is being compromised by too much use of multiple chemicals and too many products. This is the issue that has been the table of many household discussions for many years.

Natural versus anthropogenic

When talking about global warming the initially it 's important to do is look at the root cause of global warming, and find the answer to the big question of what is greenhouse gases? Greenhouse gases are natural gases like CO2, Nitrous Oxide, or Methane and are generated in one of these ways. Firstly, looking through natural cycles, for example, CO2 is released through animal respiration or plant photosynthesis. The alternate greenhouse gas production generates from human 's use of various fuels and products; this can sometimes generate to anthropogenic climate changes.

Anthropogenic Climate Changes are the changes in the atmosphere brought on by human activity, and there has been evidence found in the past of this kind of change in various areas over the globe. When studying the size of the polar ice caps we see that they are shrinking, and this has been said it 's due to a warmer atmosphere temperature created by nothing less than an anthropogenic climate change. In an IPCC report from 2007 it showed multiple levels of the greenhouse gases that show that the levels of greenhouse gases in the earth 's atmosphere has been through the roof since the post-industrial era. In discovering this, I found it can only be attributed to man-made vehicles, manufacturing products, and other machines that have been on the rise.

Global Warming, Yes or No

Greenhouse gases are natural, and this gas hold...

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...issions and the way the vehicles are made now, needless to say, there have been many great strides in improvement, but there is also much more that can be done. I 'd make it more of an incentive to purchase a smart car in lieu of just a closer parking spot at the store for the ones that are choosing to do all they can to improve on our planet. Maybe you believe in global warming, or maybe you don 't, nevertheless there are some facts and some ideas on the matter and there are plenty of interesting ideas to consider. Maybe the anthropogenic climate changes are hurting our ecosystem or maybe it 's just we as a people not doing enough to combat the problems that are coal burning, greenhouse gases, or the daily day to day cars running on the many highways; who 's to say. What I do know is that there is certainly something going on and it requires much more investigation.

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