The Effects Of Advertising On Children 's Health Essay

The Effects Of Advertising On Children 's Health Essay

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Advertising has been around for centuries and is constantly evolving to adapt to new mediums and to influence untapped audiences. But at what point does the role of advertising become too significant? It is too significant when advertisements are affecting children’s health and are reaching them through unethical means. They started with print, in newspapers and magazines, and progressed with the technological advancement of the television. Now advertisements are everywhere, they are included in television shows, movies and video games, as well as on the internet. As the technology advances, the advertisements become better at what they do. Currently, advertisements not only affect adults but can also be influential on the habits and health of children. Further regulations on marketing and advertising aimed at children needs to be established to protect children.
The primary focus of this controversy surrounds energy-dense nutrient-poor (EDNP) food and its targeted advertisement towards children. The marketing strategies employed by companies are created with selling to children in mind, often by nefarious means. K. P. Mehta, J. Coveney, P. Ward, and E. Handsley collectively wrote an article titled “Parents’ and Children’s Perceptions of the Ethics of Marketing Energy-Dense Nutrient-Poor Foods on the Internet: Implications for Policy to Restrict Children’s Exposure” that focuses on children and their parents reaction of marketing aimed towards children. This article provides information on the subject and uses outside studies as support. An article written by Rita-Maria Cain Reid entitled “Embedded Advertising to Children: A Tactic that Requires a New Regulatory Approach” for the America Business Law Journal in 2014 d...

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...nstitutions (like schools and government agencies) and environments (like super markets) combine to support and ensure the healthy food choices of children” (qtd. in Elliot 92). There is a sense of responsibility for all parties who can affect how children are influenced. When one group in that grid works against the common goal of bettering health conditions, it makes all other efforts less effective.
The concern for children’s health is a great one that encompasses many people, those who seek to work against the betterment of health for personal gain and greed need to be restricted. Policy makers need to create a system that protects children from advertising that could have an adverse effect on them both in the short and long term. Allowing companies to exploit children for reasons based on greed is almost as unethical as how they are exploiting them (1250).

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