Canadian Technological Advancement in the 20th Century

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Canada ruled the 20th century through science and technology and advanced more than any other country in this time period. Prime Minister Laurier was correct when he stated in his speech “that it is Canada that shall fill the 20th century.” Technology and science were one of the huge factors for Canada being a successful country compare to the world. In technology and science, there were many inventions that were developed in Canada that wowed the world and made Canada feel incredible. Even though war is sad and cruel, the crazy need to survive and the confidence to strive for success has made Canada’s technology and science advance greatly. During the near closing point of the 20th century, Canada’s environment and living is being more advanced and they are thinking about the future generations to come. Canada filled and changed the world with new technologies and new with its early inventions in 1914 to 1935. Firstly, Guglielmo Marconi invented the first radio. When he improved this invention, it changed the lives of many people in Canada and the world. (Newman, 177) People would use the radio when doing house work, to be more relaxed or to simply waste time. This is significant because Canadians thought it was very impressive. Soon the world started using it and it shows that Canada is advancing above every other country in the 20th century. Secondly, in October 1920, Dr. Frederick G. had a great idea to produce insulin to treat diabetes, and when he succeeded, he improved the living of Canadians through science and technology. When the insulin was first used in a fourteen-year old boy who obtained diabetes, the insulin worked to help his disease. When it worked, hundreds of diabetes came to Toronto to be treated after hearin... ... middle of paper ... 1969 – 2000 like Paul Brown, Chris Heyn and Ram Puvaneasingham used the technology and science to help better Canada’s environment for the future. In the end, Canada has shine throughout the 20th century and it is going to keep advancing quickly throughout life. The growth in technologies and sciences today in Canada started from the past by Canadians and surely humans would not be able to live without it. Would you agree? Works Cited "How World War II Improved Canadian Technology." How World War II Improved Canadian Technology. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Dec. 2013. . Hughes, Susan, and Paul McCusker. Canada Invents. Toronto: Owl, 2002. Print. Newman, Garfield et al. Canada A Nation Unfolding. Toronto: Mc Graw – Hill Ryerson Limited, 2000. Print. Winnick, Nick. Science and Technology. Calgary: Weigl, 2009. Print.

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