The Effect of Economic Progress on the Environment Essay

The Effect of Economic Progress on the Environment Essay

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The environmental situation of the world is degrading day by day and it is an “open secret” now- “open” because almost every human being knows it and “secret” because most of the people, who are somehow responsible for this, are indifferent to this fact and after knowing the aftermath of this change. Warmth of the earth has been increasing; the characteristics of the main aspects of our environment-water, earth, air etc have greatly changed. Ecological system also has been disturbed in some ways. The main culprit behind all these changes is mainly human being. Human being has been using this nature in a wrong a way for his own good. In name of progress he has just destroyed the nature. Especially, industries on the bank of the rivers, deforestation, using animals in a wrong way in business sectors which destroys the balance of ecosystem, are the main causes of the unexpected changes of the environment.
For the economic progress, most of the countries depend on the industrial field today. Most of the industries are situated in the bank of the rivers and they release their wastes into the river water which is harm full for the water as well as for the people who are using the water. The chemicals get mixed with the water that is very toxic and bad for health without any doubt. In Bangladesh, there is an example of river pollution. The river Buriganga of Bangladesh is a highly polluted river and one of the main causes behind it is the industrial area near it. The chemical wastage of those industries is making the river water more and more dangerous day by day (Bhowmik, “Buriganga Pollution: Reason & Prospects”). Even now the local people cannot use the water of that river. Here, may be industries are important for one country’ pr...

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...own luxury.
Industries, deforestation and killing animals- these have to be controlled if we want a safe earth for our future generation. If there will not be any people to live on earth because of these devastating activities, what will the usage of the wealth for what the people today is ruining our environment? Cost of prosperity cannot be the death of mankind.

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