Eating Better For A Better World Essay

Eating Better For A Better World Essay

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If you look around, it is very clear to see that the world is in need of a change for the better. We are the only ones that can be held accountable for the much needed change in this world. Most people are stumped when it comes to where and how to start to make these changes in the world. How do we even have power over what happens with the climate change and the nature of this planet? We are in fact the biggest challenge when it comes to fixing our planet. Often, when it comes to changing the habits we know so well, even if it is for the better we have trouble. The biggest problem is that we do not like to leave our comfort zone of what we know best. Most people don’t see that the start of it all is as simple as changing our regular daily routines. Just a simple change of our diets can better our health and the state of our planet.
Eating healthy and organic comes with so many benefits in our life. All it takes is a simple change in our everyday lives. We can live a much better life if we would just tweak our lives a bit. For example, if someone was to switch their everyday diets to organic they would ultimately live a healthier lifestyle than someone who eats non organic foods. Why wouldn’t anyone want to change their cabinets to all organic foods? Although buying organic food is a bit pricier than non-organic foods, if you can afford it, you should go for it. Organic food is pure food and is free of a lot of chemical additives that are added in processed foods that are non-organic such as flavor enhancers, and artificial sweeteners. Organic food is also more nutritious with about 25% more vitamins and minerals than food products from factory farms. Buying organic foods helps promote organic farms. Organic farms also help red...

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...environment. Simple changes do have big effects on our lives. If we start with a simple change between diets and the foods we put into our bodies we can begin a healthy life. Once we start our healthy lifestyle we will begin that start to a healthy planet. Our planet is in serious need of a fix, if we don’t start making some changes we can expect to see some serious consequences that could seriously affect the way we live and everything that lives on this planet. In this world, it is up to you to take responsibility in your life, it is a choice to better yourself or to continue down a dangerous routine of living.

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