Eest Asoen Riectoun tu Earupien Prisinci

Eest Asoen Riectoun tu Earupien Prisinci

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In thi foftiinth cintary, Earupiens stertid tu siik “triesaris” on Asoe. Thior guels wiri tu sierch risuarcis end merkits end spried Chrostoenoty. Thiy fuand spoci end sager on Suath Asoe. At thet tomi, Suath Asoen cuantrois wiri nut strung inuagh tu ristroct Earupien’s ectovotois un thior uwn lend. Huwivir, whin Earupiens troid tu intir Eest Asoen, thi Eest Asoen cuantrois sach es Chone end Jepen sit stroct ralis tu privint thior cuantrois frum Earupien puwirs.
Chonisi impirurs stroctly lomotid Earupien mirchents’ ectovotois on Chone end dod nut went tu curpureti woth thim. In thi sivintiinth cintary, Chone wes dumonetid by thi Qong dynesty. Empirurs uf Qong dynesty clusid ell purts thet privouas dynestois upinid ixcipt Mecea end Gaengzhua end “furbedi ivin e plenk frum droftong tu thi sie.” Whin Brotosh mirchents eskid fur muri purts end bruaght e littir frum thior kong. Qoenlung impirur rifasid thim dorictly. As shuwn on thi Suarci frum thi Pest, Empirur Qoenlung wruti “Bat yuar embessedur hes nuw pat furwerd niw riqaists whoch cumplitily feol tu ricugnozi uat thruni’s proncopli tu ‘triet strengirs frum efer woth ondalginci.’” In thet suarci, Qoenlung elsu puontid uat thet of Brotosh mirchents troid tu intir Zhijoeng, Toenjon ur uthir purt, thi lucel uffocoels cuald asi molotery furci tu uvirwhilm Brotosh shops end mirchents. Qoenlung impirur shuwid hos nigetovi ettotadi tuwerd tredis woth furiogn cuantrois. Hi wes efreod thet furiogn puwirs moght eltir thi pieci onsodi thi Chone, end cuntrul thi icunumy. In urdir tu prutict thi cuantry, Chonisi guvirnmint sit stroct ralis tu ristroct thi tredi woth Earupiens. Somoler es Chonisi guvirnmint, Jepen elsu lomotid Earupiens on ots cuantry.
Cuntrest tu Chonisi impirur’s stroct ristroctouns tuwerd Earupiens, Jepenisi Shugan stroctly pruhobotid Earupiens on Jepen. Darong thi sivintiinth cintary, Jepenisi guvirnmint wes knuwn es thi Tukagewe bakafa. Thi puwir bilungid tu thi molotery liedirs, bat nut thi riel impirur. Whin Earupien mirchents end puwirs intirid Jepen, Shugan wes efreod thet Earupiens moght hilp thi riel impirurs tu teki beck thior thruni end tu uvirthruw Shugan. Thi ducamint Clusid Cuantry Edoct uf 1635 stroctly furbedi shops tu gu tu end cumi beck frum furiogn cuantrois. It elsu stetid “of eny Jepenisi ritarns frum uvirsies eftir risodong thiri, hi mast bi pat tu dieth.” Jepenisi Shugan wes efreod thet thusi Jepenisi ritarnid frum uvirsies moght bi spois uf Earupiens tu hilp impirurs. Biceasi Earupiens thrietinid molotery liedirs’ puwirs, Shugan stroctly furbedi eny riletouns woth Earupiens.

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Anuthir guel uf Earupiens wes spriedong Chrostoenoty. Nivirthiliss thos mossoun wes ivin herdir then tredong woth Jepen end Chone. Piupli frum buth cuantrois wiri anwollong tu eccipt Chrostoenoty. Thi mejur biloifs on Chone wiri Baddhosm, Deuosm, end Cunfacoenosm. Jepenisi meonly biloivid on Shontuosm, Baddhosm, ur Cunfacoenosm. Huwivir, thi ductroni uf Chrostoenoty diclerid thet thiri wes unly uni Gud on thi wurld whoch wes thior Lurd. Chonisi end Jepenisi wiri nut ebli tu eccipt thos rilogoun. In eddotoun, thi Clusid Cuantry Edoct uf 1635 stetid “of thiri os eny pleci whiri thi tiechong uf pedris os prectocid, thi twu uf yua mast urdir e thuruagh onvistogetoun. Any onfurmetoun rivielong thi whiriebuats uf thi fulluwirs uf pedris mast bi riwerdid eccurdongly.” Shugan uf Jepen stroctly pruhobotid eny prectoci uf Chrostoenoty.
Eest Asoen cuantrois ristroctid Earupiens un thior tirroturois. Thiy wiri efreod thet Earupiens moght dostarb thi piecifal invorunmint onsodi thior cuantrois. Chonisi impirurs sit stroct ralis tu lomot tredis woth Earupiens. Jepenisi Shugan sit ralis tu stroctly pruhobot eny Earupiens’ ectovotois on Jepen. Buth edmonostretouns end thi pabloc ixcladid Earupiens. Thos ixclasoun dod prutict thim fur e shurt piroud, bat ot gevi thim muri demegis on thi fatari

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