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E- Learning in training has tremendous influence and foothold all over the world including in India and pushing them toward success. Innovative technology is the key that develops the human resource base to improving people’s lives. Rapid innovation in ICT is transforming the way employees work, the way they interact, and the way they learn and apply in their day to day work. Centred on information technologies and the power that they increasingly wield within the global economy, it can be asserted that e-learning has drivers that previous learning technologies lacked. E-learning is a result of both rapid technological change and a response to the changes happening in culture and society itself. This provides opinion to a wide range of stakeholders involved in extending the borders of enriched technology-enabled learning. Origins of e-learning in organizations can be seen reflected on the literature as a drive to stay ahead of competitors (Morris & Rippin 2002) but there are several other support models showing the clear role e-learning evolving within organizations. From 1996 to 2002 there have been several debates and arguments based on the evolution and to established the complexity inherent in the development of e-learning, in part due to different geographic, cultural and technical infrastructures. In spite of the above scenario, e-learning as a training tool is only now gradually approaching India and has been implemented only in certain large organisations but no traces of it are seen small or medium organization. E-learning is most commonly only seen in IT industry and MNC’s it has still not reached out to the public sector. Several models have been proposed to help the understanding of e-learning. These models are influen...

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... million by end-2012 if policies and significant interest are shown in developing employee’s skills. State of e-learning permits the delivery of knowledge and information to learners at an accelerated pace, it opens up new vista of knowledge transfer. The future direction of e-learning has been defined as "blended learning," according to many company executives in India. E-learning system providers have found that their customers are blending multiple training practices to offer a fuller, more beneficial training experience for their employees (laws, howell and Lindsay 2003). However the extent to which e-learning finds a permanent place in the Indian Industry is still questionable. Thus, the researcher attempts to find out the penetration of e-learning as a training tool among the Indian workforce in terms of awareness, exposure, impact and acceptance of the same.

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