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Dubai : The United Arab Emirates Essay examples

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Located in the United Arab Emirates we find the city of Dubai. Dubai emanates luxury with its hot weather, blue skies, tall buildings and a very modern impression. The fact is, that Dubai strives for this wealthy look as to attract other wealthy people. After the discovery of oil in the 1960’s the country underwent a transformation into a country with a high standard of living. Dubai, along with the rest of the UAE, strives for the image of equality and freedom of religion. Dubai itself is not only made up of Arab inhabitants but also includes European, Asian and some American dwellers as well. While any and all religions are accepted, Islam is the official religion of the UAE. Dubai has many attractions which includes their many luxurious hotels, festivals, extensive nightlife as well as sharing their own heritage in forms such as museums. While the discovery of oil is what kick-started Dubai’s economy a larger source of revenue now comes from tourism. The UAE wants to make a name for themselves as a dominant center for tourism, and so far it definitely seems to be working (Smith Dubai)
I have always wanted to go to Dubai. What really pulled me into the destination was the Atlantis the Palm Hotel. When I was younger I would see these commercials about the resort and I found it amazing. There were water slides where you actually went underwater surrounded by different kinds of fish and sharks. At the time it seemed unreal that this was even possible and ever since then I have wanted nothing more than to travel there and try it for myself. As I grew older I researched more attractions in Dubai including the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab, the Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Desert

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...ficult for the average person to enjoy the city and they do not treat their employees in the manner in which they deserve. While the city seems to be a paradise, there are many underlying aspects that they do not inform you of before your journey, which can be very misleading. While Dubai still may be a beautiful place and a dream destination for many people it is definitely not completely as advertised.

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