Growth Of Dubai Essay

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Growth of Dubai

Thesis: The rapid growth of Dubai in recent years is mainly due to the history of the city, the discovery of oil, tourism and great business opportunities. Dubai has become one of the most popular and influential cities in the world due to these factors.

Dubai is one of the most successful business hubs in the world in the present, as part of the UAE, but it was also successful in the past. Dubai was a popular business hub even before it was part of the United Arab Emirates. In the early 1900s Dubai’s market, which had 350 shops, was the largest market on the coast. The success of the market on the coast attracted many businessmen and visitors to Dubai. A quarter of Dubai’s population was expatriates by the 1930s
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In 2014 Dubai relies on tourists for most of the money that the city makes. There are many factors that make Dubai such a popular tourist destination known around the world. The geographical location of Dubai for example, is between Asia and Europe. Few countries from around the world are more than 8 hours away from the city (DTCM 2014). The fact that it’s not time consuming to travel to Dubai, compared to other cities around the world, is a major reason that tempts tourists to visit Dubai every year. Dubai also offers a wide range of beautiful hotels around the city to suit all kind of different tastes and budgets ( (DTCM 2014). With 88,680 rooms in 634 hotels (Nagraj 2014), tourists that visit the city hardly ever have any problems finding hotel rooms to enjoy during their stay in Dubai. Magnificent hotels like the Burj Al Arab, known as the most luxurious and the only seven star hotel in the world, is an example of the beautiful hotels in Dubai. One of the main things tourists enjoy doing when they visit another city is shopping. Dubai is the perfect destination for shoppers from anywhere in the world. Being ranked only second amongst the most popular shopping destinations in the world, only behind the United States (DTCM 2014), convinces shopaholics to visit Dubai and enjoy the variety of never-ending shopping malls and markets around the city to satisfy their shopping needs.…show more content…
Dubai provides a great amount of job opportunities for people without jobs in the UAE and around the world. Entrepreneurs also enjoy the amazing opportunities provided to them by the city. Starting up a business in Dubai is much less difficult and successful compared to many other countries, this fact tempts many businessmen and businesswomen from around the world to move to Dubai and start doing business in the city. Many advantages are gained from doing business in Dubai. Some of these benefits are the already highly developed economy, efficient telecommunications, an amazing transport system, and a high-level financial and services sector (DTCM 2014). By being of the most popular business hubs in the world, Dubai has been able to establish one of the most profitable economies in the UAE and the
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