Domino's Pizza and Tom Monaghan Essay

Domino's Pizza and Tom Monaghan Essay

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Domino’s pizza was started with the idea of creating a fast, reliable delivery system in 1960 by Tom Monaghan. It was never intended to just be ‘fast food’ or a restaurant but a place for people to pick up their food and be able to take time to themselves and get back to their lives without having to worry about if what they were getting was a good quality. While there are owners and managers that remember this, communities no longer really see us as so. In a normal over-all evaluation report (or OER) we are graded on our ‘ultimate question’, “would you refer Domino’s?” The purpose is to not only bring this back but to have the answer always be a resounding ‘yes’.
For the past few years we have managed to maintain ever-increasing quarterly growth. In multiple polls and reports we are rated easily top-five as the best quality and tasting pizza; however, regardless of this most of the reviews left about us on the internet gives us a score of two. While the corporate Dominos has been able to raise the company image by completely reinventing the look it is our job as separate franchises to keep this image. That being said we need to prove over and over again that we are better than before and do so consistently. Each week we come within a few thousand dollars of reaching record sales without actually breaking it. Ideally the goal would be to make every day as busy as Saturday. With the economy how it is this isn’t always possible, especially in the middle of the year, but it is entirely possible to have days as busy as a Thursday evening.
Our biggest and easiest way to know we have met a goal of increasing our sales and dependability of workers is through customer review and can be marked by reaching and excee...

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... our customers first. Wowing them in the store and at the door and meeting and exceeding our own standards. By meeting the goals we set and maintaining a good relationship with our customers as well as the employees so the idea of 'Dominos' isn't something scoff or groan worthy but something people are actually decently excited about. It will be defined in our relationships and reflected in our sales and quality product. The success of this particular franchise will be made up of goals and ideas being met so that it's more than just a smooth-running, hard-working machine but a well-directed family where each worker can know that it's okay to make mistakes because through those mistakes we learn and grow.

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