The Doctor Patient Relationship Of China Essay

The Doctor Patient Relationship Of China Essay

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The Doctor-Patient Relationship of China
Increasingly tense doctor-patient relationship in China is not only a serious impact on the medical service market, but also has become a social disharmonious factor. It’s inevitable that the patients need to see a doctor when they are sick and the doctor needs to cure the patients to get paid. So the doctor-patient relationship is like a common interest. In the past, the Chinese economy was not developed. There was a public health care system that medical costs of workers in the city were generally paid by the units, almost no more personal spending in the process of seeing a doctor. Everyone feel equal to receive treatment. It’s honor to become a doctor and people also love to call them ‘angels’, ‘write warrior’ at that time. The relationship between doctor and patient is very friendly, they respect and trust each other. In medical work in the past, it’s hard to avoid medical accidents. It’s happy to cure the patient successfully and it’s a pity when the patient didn’t be cured by the doctors, it’s all attributed to the fate of doom, the responsibility of doctors will not to be investigated. With the development of the economy, the medical treatment has become a kind of special commodity, the doctor-patient relationship has become a commodity. The doctor need to be liable for their goods, when differences between patient and doctor cannot get approval, the dispute began to appear, and the harmonious doctor-patient relationship is broken. Recently, the medical event occurs repeatedly, like revenge of families, doctor sell expensive drugs which stolen from patients who confined on bed with a serious illness. The doctor- patient relationship in China has become more tense because there is a ...

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...o find an empty bed in the department of popular disease. The hospital will increase the beds on both sides in the corridor. There is no empathy between doctor and patient.
Medical disputes increased. There is a study which objectives were to examine factors influencing healthcare workers’ opinions about workplace violence. Results revealed that workers had a strong opinion about the necessity of improving diagnosis competence, developing violence prevention guidelines and plans, using protective equipment, and reinforcing staff by providing back-up support. ()
The lake of dependence between doctor and patients become a big problem in the field of medicine of China. It is closely linked with our life. The relevant system should be improved by the government in order to protect the right of both side. At the same time, we should have an objective attitude to face it.

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