Divorce Is A Concept That Is All Too Common? Essay

Divorce Is A Concept That Is All Too Common? Essay

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Divorce is a concept that is all too common in today’s society. In most cases, divorce is viewed negatively, regardless of whether or not a person views it as morally right or wrong. No one truly wants a divorce in and of itself; an event or circumstance causes a divide, which results in one or both sides of the marriage wanting a permanent separation from each other. Couples should view this as an option only in cases of extremity. What becomes simply heartbreaking is when the marriage could have been saved, but instead a couple has given up because of various “differences.” Required therapy should be set in motion, by law, as a first step of precaution before filing for divorce with the only exception being in cases of severe physical abuse and/or adultery. Couples who are considering or contemplating divorce, under circumstances other than physical abuse and adultery, should be required by law to undergo eight weeks of couples counseling because, in many cases, the problem at hand is based off of a simple miscommunication, deciding whether to end a marriage should not be a rash or lightly taken decision, and required counseling will give a couple another chance at saving their marriage.
A couple should be subjected, by law, to attend counseling, because in many cases the problems they are experiencing are merely based off of miscommunication. It is quite absurd that a couple would decide to get a divorce based solely off of a misunderstanding that they refuse to discuss, but sadly, many couple do actually end up divorced because of a simple miscommunicated word, action, or emotion. Open and honest communication is vital in the health of any marriage. One of the biggest and most detrimental struggles in marriage is communicati...

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...t takes, sometimes, is a second chance.
Divorce has grown to be quite the society regular and the majority of the divorces that are taking place today are sadly, because the couples in those marriages simply decided they would rather not be married anymore. Couples should be required by law to attend eight full weeks of therapy before they are granted the divorce they so desperately want because the issues the couple is dealing with is often based off of a simple miscommunication, making the decision of whether or not to get a divorce should not include doing so in a hasty or rash manner, and required counseling will give a couple another chance to work through and potential save their marriage. Divorce, as normal as it has become, it not a concept desire when initially entering a marriage; it no longer, unless in extreme cases, should be at any stage of marriage.

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