Diversity And How It Affects The Caregiving Process Essay

Diversity And How It Affects The Caregiving Process Essay

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Diversity and How it Affects the Caregiving Process
With the American population growing evermore diverse, it is understandable that the outlook on caregiving differs depending on the unique characteristics of the individual. Studies has shown that females are more likely to take on the role of the caregiver for the aging parents over males, with females tending to provide emotional support over providing financial support (Fingerman, Pillemer, Silverstein, & Suitor, 2012). Cultural background affects how the sandwich caregiver takes on his or her responsibilities. It has been found that African Americans are likely to take on the responsibility of providing care to extended family as well as children that are not biologically related (Cravey & Mitra, 2011). At the same time, African Americans are most likely to be single parents, thus they rely heavily on family, neighbors and congregates for support (Cravey & Mitra, 2011). For African Americans, the role of being a sandwich caretaker is not foreign, but rather a normal part of life that helps generations to survive (Cravey & Mitra, 2011). In comparison to other ethnicities, African Americans are the least likely to utilize formal services, such as care facilities (Cravey & Mitra, 2011). In contrast, Asian Americans tend to have the smallest family size, resulting in the caregiving role falling solely on the children without help from other family members (Cravey & Mitra, 2011). Studies have shown that Asian Americans are the most likely to have minor children living at home and to also be living with a parent or in-law (Cravey & Mitra, 2011). Asian Americans tend to provide financial assistance to their parents and children and are likely to have parents or elderly they need to...

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...l strain and the adjustment of the role reversal between being a parent and being a child being the greatest stressors. Furthermore, diversity affects the outlook and approach an individual has towards caregiving, with some ethnicities caring for elderly out of filial responsibility, or helping the survival of next generations. Although sandwich caregivers maybe overwhelmed by the competing challenges of being a caregiver to both parents and children, many coping skills can be adopted to help make the process easier. For therapist counseling a client belonging in the sandwich generation, it is important to help the client focus on the big picture over dwelling on a single stressor. Lastly, despite being pulled in many directions as a caregiver, studies have shown that those in the in sandwich population are no more stressed than those in the non-sandwich population.

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