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Discussion On Single Sex Schools Essay

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Discussing an Important Point and
Counterpoint on Single Sex Schools
There are numerous views on the concept of single sex schools, and if they are beneficial or actually detrimental to the students who attend. Autin (2015) states that while it is normal for public schools to be coeducational, many private and parochial schools have been operating single sex schools for many years. One of the many main controversial topics when discussing these schools is stereotyping. From the pros to the cons, this paper will touch base on many different views as to how students can be affected positively or negatively by attending these single sex schools.

The idea of single sex schools being more beneficial to students appeared in 1999 when studies showed that girls did better in math and science than boys (Niche 2016). However, this was not the first time single sex schools had been in business. They were actually popular in the 18th century before

coeducational schools began to emerge (Niche 2016). One main reason that many educators advocate for single sex schools is due
to the distractions that are in classrooms very often such as flirting between boys and girls (Hollingsworth & Bonner 2012).
These schools can also help students because teachers can teach the students in specific ways that will help each gender alone learn more efficiently. There was research done by Middleton Heights Elementary on single sex education being a part of their school. This idea was brought to the tables to help boys overcome their struggles with reading (Hollingsworth & Bonner 2012). In this study, there were two separate classrooms. One was for boys and one for girls; the boys classroom was set up as a camping theme, and the girls classroom w...

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...ven more, and they also believe that the separation leads to sexism (Gross-Loh 2015). There have been signs of sexism found in single sex schools. “When boys and girls are taught under separate roofs, they often wrongly conclude that one gender is better than the other gender.” (Saunders 2016 n.p.).
In conclusion, there are said pros and cons to attending single sex schools. However, it has not been proven by science that single sex schools are more beneficial or detrimental to students versus co-educational schools. Although I would never enroll my future children into a single sex school due to the many disadvantages, I believe that it is the parents’ choice to decide what they think is personally best for their child. I do not think single sex schools are more or less helpful as a whole, but it may be prefered for some students. It is simply an alternative option.

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