Argumentative Essay On Single Sex Education

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] Single-sex education is a phenomenon that developed in the last few years to enhance the education system, many parents believe that single-sex education is beneficial for their children, as it helps them to concentrate on their future and to achieve a higher academic level. The main reason for separating both boys and girls was culture and regions beliefs and that was before the 19th century, therefore single sex school was the most common education system. “Before the 19th century, single-sex schooling was common. During the 19th century, more and more coeducational schools were set up.” (Single-sex education, 2012). However, this topic has an unsettled controversy about the efficiency of this type of education on the children’s academic achievement, social skills and performance. Single-sex education should be minimized attributable to the tremendous influence it has on the students’ life in academically, socially and psychologically. From the academic perspective, experts suppose that in mixed sex-education, there is an academic competition among the g...

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