single sex education

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Parents who put their kids in co-education schools are not thinking about their children’s future and their education closely enough. Co-education is hurting children because they are not focusing on them. They only focus on their lesson plans, they do not focus on the different strategies that students need to learn. Single-sex schools have more opportunities than Co-ed schools. Co-ed schools do not give their students the tools they need to be an advanced student. Single-sex schools is what parents should put their children in if they really care about their education and where they go in life. Single-sex schools more effective than Co-ed schools.
Co-ed schools are not teaching children the right way. Co-ed schools do not care about they different way boys learn and the different ways girls learn. Co-ed schools think they learn the same way and if they are not doing well in their schools that means that they do not care about their education. When in fact they do care they are just learning the way that the brain works. Single-sex schools teach their kids by the way their brain works and separating them by gender. Girls and boys learn differently, their brains do not function the same way which means they need to have different learning strategies.
Most research on Single-sex education have just advantages for girls. The advantages for girls are that they are more encouraged to take what they call “boy subjects” like science, math, and autos. Girls are usually uncomfortable to take the “boys subjects” because they do not want to be teased for being a “genius” or “nerdy”. As it says in the source of single-sex classes and Equal opportunities for girls and boys: perspective through time from mixed comprehensive schools in England...

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...he teachers have activities to make the boys more involved and have less chances to misbehave. Straight boys are more misbehaved in Co-ed classes because they are distracted by the girls and are trying to impress them. So they misbehave to get their attention. In single-sex classes they do not have those distractions and do not feel the need to get anyone’s attention.
In the article The boy factor: Can Single-Gender Classes Reduce the Over Representation of Boys in Special Education. “ When under stress, males’ sympathetic nervous system is engaged and the ‘fight or flight’ response is activated by the release of adrenaline. This causes increased heart rate, vasoconstriction, and dilated pupils, which can trigger violence or confrontation.” This source explains that when boys are under stress they are either are going to go for it or shut down and not try at all.
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