Compare And Disadvantages Of Gender Schools And Single-Sex Schools

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. There are more single-sex private schools than mixed-sex schools. Single-sex schools help students to focus on their studies. It also helps teenagers to avoid the attractions of the opposite sex. Single sex education might also lead students to be less embarrassed about potentially gender oriented decisions, females might be keener to study Mathematics, for example, or males be keener to study art. Students may be more inclined to experience relationships with the opposite gender earlier if they are studying alongside them. There are different opinions concerning this issue. There is some research that reports that girls do better in single sex schools, while boys perform better academically in mixed schools, as they are encouraged not to…show more content…
Therefore, creates two different environments of education. In other words, single gender schools have teaching methods which can be applied more successfully on that gender only and therefore improves the quality of education for both genders. According to ( Kirshenbaum, 2007), girls seem to prefer learning in quieter place in which they work and learn together, while boys tend to learn or prefer to learn in a place which is more competitive, louder and physically active. It shows that girls gets a higher benefit from being together especially for Mathematics and Science. They feel much more comfortable about their abilities without worrying about how they look in front of boys and have more confidence to take place and participate in class discussions, while boys have much more confidence to dominate most class discussion, thus giving no chance for girls to participate in those discussions. The major problem is that teachers often call boys more than girls in Mathematics mainly. It also shows that boys get a great benefit from attending single sex schools. It is expected that a teacher of a class of boys only could adopt a teaching method that encourages boys' abilities in discussions and debates to be more direct, straight, excited at the same time. Generally, not all boys and girls are going to be relaxed in single sex classes, it would be very violent. But offering single sex classrooms especially in public schools is the simplest innovation that can be applied to offer much better quality education and improve achievements in all educational fields. Single sex education is a much better way for both genders to get the best quality and achieve the most benefits from learning in single sexed
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