Digital Technology And Its Impact On Society Essay

Digital Technology And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Science is everywhere. After the advancement of digital technology, it has benefited in development but however it has far overshadowed the negative effects affected by science. Digital technology has transformed the world so much that in a way that it ripples is felt across the globe. In this present era, digital technology has incorporated different technologies, techniques and applications under a single umbrella making it the most popularly used infrastructure in terms of information, exchange and communication. Having said that technology is the direct connection between people and the ideas, today’s high-advancement of technology atmosphere does stand a serious encounter to law enforcement as electronic crime is rising extensively.

“Cybercrime is worth an estimated $105 billion illegal business. China had the most cybercrime victims at 83% of web users, followed by India and Brazil, at 76% and then U.S. at 73%. US Police says cybercriminals can earn around US$ 23,000 a week. Complacency among the users is the biggest problem and the criminals’ greatest advantage” (Addison, 2010). Cyberspace crime such as hacktivism, online gambling, cyber terrorism, transactional crime, spams, identity thefts and information warfare threatens the public’s welfare and turn out to be as hindrances to the evolution of information society. Following to these doings the government performances a pivotal role to control and stop such unwanted criminal behaviour of networked technologies. This assignment will demonstrates the behavioural framework of the government and the law enforcing agencies particularly in India on the status of internet associated with crimes and the mechanisms applied to control over cyber crimes.

Hence, to protect the c...

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...e in the population of the people using Internet, the more will be the crime like India being one of the largest population in the world has huge numbers of cybercrime. But it is a fact that the public administration is still stressed to come to gips with actual act in contradiction of any societal problem which will involve cooperative action.
We are just acting as a lip service to the idea right now. Although there are many approaches to control over the cyber crime, they still need to go long way and some of the major lessons is instead of controlling, the police or the investigators need to just surrender because there is no end to it. Internet has been rising and will still be rising until they rule our world. May be the best answers is to watch ourselves back and not to be manipulated and get involved with Internet. Sometimes you seldom get a simplest answer.

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